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RBA Glossary definition for equity market

equity market – A market where investors buy and sell securities providing ownership of a company's shares.

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Monetary Policy, Equity Markets and the Information Effect

22 Apr 2021 RDP 2021-04
Calvin He
Research Discussion Paper – RDP 2021-04 Monetary Policy, Equity Markets and the Information Effect. ... I evaluate whether the information effect can be detected in Australia through the lens of equity markets.
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Developments in Emerging Equity Markets

10 Dec 2010 Bulletin – December 2010
Owen Bailey
similarly, as global equity markets rose over 2009, foreign investors increased their investments in Brazilian equities. ... Emerging markets' share of global equity market capitalisation has increased in recent decades.

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 2003 Bulletin – May 2003
Graph 14. Graph 15. European equity markets have also taken their lead from events in Iraq recently, though they have generally underperformed the US market (Table 5). ... Graph 18. Graph 19. As in the case of equity and bond markets, there has been

The Private Equity Market in Australia

10 Jun 2002 Bulletin – June 2002
Ellis Connolly and Alvin Tan
The Australian private equity market is also much younger than comparable markets in North America and Europe which were quite active in the late 1980s, particularly in management buy-outs. ... Graph 2. Graph 3. The private equity market mainly attracts

Big Fish in Small Ponds: The Trading Behaviour and Price Impact of Foreign Investors in Asian Emerging Equity Markets

1 Jun 2004 RDP 2004-05
Anthony Richards
Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank
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Abstract for Developments in Emerging Equity Markets

10 Dec 2010 Bulletin – December 2010
Owen Bailey
Emerging equity markets also account for a rising share of global equity issuance. ... During the global financial crisis, as risk aversion increased, emerging equity markets' share of global market capitalisation fell sharply, though it has since more

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Nov 2001 Bulletin – November 2001
This equity market weakness mostly predated the terrorist attacks, with August being a particularly weak month in most countries. ... Asian equity markets have resumed their downward trend, after a brief period of stability around the middle of the year

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Feb 2005 Bulletin – February 2005
After relatively lacklustre growth for the first three quarters of 2004 (with the notable exception of the Australian market), global equity markets rose strongly in the December quarter, in part reflecting ... 23. 54. 23. 11. Source: Bloomberg. Emerging

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Nov 2004 Bulletin – November 2004

Background on the Australian Listed Equity Market | Financial Sector | Submissions

17 Sep 2021 Submissions
Consistent with this, Australia's listed corporations are relatively older than those in other major equity markets: weighted by market capitalisation, the average listed company in Australia is around 105 years ... Graph 7. Equity markets generally