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ePAL – eftpos Payments Australia Ltd

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

About RITS

20 Mar 2023
A general overview and information papers concerning RITS and its structure

Reviewing the Designation of the eftpos System | Review of Card Surcharging: A Consultation Document June 2011 | Consultations

9 Mar 2012 Consultations
It may now be appropriate to update that definition to acknowledge the role of ePAL in the eftpos system. ... Such a definition would clearly define the eftpos system and recognise the central role that ePAL has taken in the eftpos system.

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20 Sep 2018 PSB Annual Report – 2018
b) Only select interchange categories have been listed; ePAL has 20 categories overall. ... Source: ePAL website.

Payments System

9 Mar 2023
Overview of the Australian Payments System

Payments System Issues

29 Nov 2012 Media Releases
At its 16 November meeting, the Payments System Board approved a report setting out its conclusions from an informal consultation on operational incidents in retail payments systems. The Board also concluded its review of the regulatory framework

Payments System Issues – Payments Council MoU, EFTPOS Access Regime and Review of Card Payments Regulation

28 Aug 2015 Media Releases
With the establishment of a central hub by eftpos Payments Australia Limited (ePAL), the Board judged that suitable access arrangements were now in place such that the Access Regime could be ... The June 2012 designation of the system governed by ePAL

Interchange Fees Standard | Review of the Regulatory Framework for the EFTPOS System: Consultation on Options for Reform June 2012 |…

8 Jun 2012 Consultations
These rates will apply to transactions with merchants that satisfy certain criteria set by EPAL. ... seek to access these fees rather than the multilateral fees set by EPAL.

Payments System Board Consultation on Replacing the eftpos Designation

9 Mar 2012 Media Releases
Announcement that the Bank is now launching the first public phase of the review – a consultation on the possible form of a new designation for the eftpos system. A consultation on other elements of the regulatory framework for the eftpos system

The Options | A Revised Interchange Standard for the EFTPOS System – November 2009

9 Mar 2023
This will be a decision for EPAL, based on its judgements about the best commercial strategy. ... Indeed, it would be possible for EPAL to decide to set a multilateral interchange fee for purchases at the current level.