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RBA Glossary definition for dual-network card

dual-network card – A payment card that can be used to initiate transactions, typically from the same deposit account, for two different payment processing networks. For example, a debit card (sometimes also known as an ATM card) that can be used to make a payment via either the eftpos network or one of the international scheme networks. These cards usually have an international scheme logo (Mastercard or Visa) on one side and the eftpos logo on the other.

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Payments & Infrastructure Resources – Media Releases

30 Aug 2023
Media releases relating to the Payments System

Issues for the Review | Review of Card Payments Regulation

9 Mar 2023
One concern that may arise with dual-network cards is that networks may seek to implement scheme rules that prevent a card-issuing institution from including payment functionality from another network ... In particular, it removes the need (and the option

Panic, Pandemic and Payment Preferences

3 Jun 2020 Speech
Michele Bullock
Speech delivered by Michele Bullock, Assistant Governor (Financial System), Morgan Stanley Disruption Evolved Webcast, Sydney

Mobile Wallet Technology | Dual-Network Cards and Mobile Wallet Technology – Consultation Paper – December 2016

10 Dec 2016 Consultations
Dual-Network Cards and Mobile Wallet Technology 3. Mobile Wallet Technology. Consultation Paper. ... However, equivalent processes can be followed where the card is a dual-network card.

Payments System Board Update: May 2019 Meeting

24 May 2019 Media Releases
Least-cost routing of debit card transactions. The Board has been supportive of dual-network debit cards because they provide convenience and choice to both consumers and merchants and can help ... The Board stressed that the benefits to competition from

The Bank's Card System Reforms | Review of Card Payments Regulation

9 Mar 2023
The Bank has also been involved in negotiations with the three debit networks (eftpos, MasterCard and Visa) regarding issues concerning dual-network debit cards – that is cards issued by banks and ... dual-network arrangements as card transactions

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20 Sep 2018 PSB Annual Report – 2018
Number. Value. $. Number. Value. Number. Value. Cards. 73.5. 5.4. 68. ... 0.0 to 3.6. 1.8 to 9.1. Dual network. 4.5. 4.5. Strategic categories.

Publications | Payments & Infrastructure Resources

30 May 2023
A list of useful Australian publications on payments issues

The Evolution of Payment Costs in Australia

11 Apr 2019 RDP PDF 1298KB
Recent innovations have included:. • The transition from using the magnetic stripe on cards to using chips for the storage of card details and transmission of these details to the terminal. • ... In addition, lower-value payments often no longer

Payments System Board Update: November 2017 Meeting

17 Nov 2017 Media Releases
At its meeting today, the Payments System Board discussed issues including the cost of payments to merchants, trends in card fraud, developments in the ATM industry and the assessment of LCH Ltd's SwapClear Service.