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RBA Glossary definition for credit card

credit card – A credit card is a card whose holder has been granted a revolving credit line. The card enables the holder to make purchases and/or cash advances up to a pre-arranged limit. The credit granted can be settled in full by the end of a specified period or in part, with the balance taken as extended credit. Interest may be charged on the transaction amounts from the date of each transaction or only on the extended credit where the credit granted has not been settled in full.

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Appendix C: Credit Card Holding and Rewards Program Membership

11 Sep 2015 RDP 2015-03
Tai Lam and Crystal Ossolinski
RDP 2015-03: The Value of Payment Instruments: Estimating Willingness to Pay and Consumer Surplus Appendix C: Credit Card Holding and Rewards Program Membership. ... Holds a credit card. Member of rewards program. Coefficient. Marginal effect.
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Merchant Service Fees for Credit Cards

10 Jul 2004 Bulletin – July 2004
in fees (known as merchant service fees) that banks charge merchants for providing credit card facilities. ... Interchange fees on MasterCard and Visa cards issued overseas have not fallen and so merchants in that sector have not benefited as much from

Abstract for The Personal Credit Card Market in Australia: Pricing over the Past Decade

10 Mar 2012 Bulletin – March 2012
Iris Chan, Sophia Chong and Stephen Mitchell
Bulletin – March 2012 The Personal Credit Card Market in Australia: Pricing over the Past Decade Abstract. ... For example, over the past decade the effective price to cardholders for using a credit card has increased, encouraging the use of

Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia

18 Mar 2002 Media Releases
Submissions from credit card schemes, banks and other deposit-taking institutions on the proposed reforms to credit card schemes in Australia

Reform of Card Payment Systems

26 Sep 2006 PSB Annual Report – 2006
This has encouraged some card issuers to focus more on attracting customers who use their credit cards to borrow, by offering them lower interest rates. ... Scheme debit, however, had a competitive advantage over EFTPOS because merchants were forced to

Consumer Credit and Household Finances

10 Jun 1999 Bulletin – June 1999
Debt outstanding on bank-issued credit cards has also grown strongly (Graph 4). ... Growth in credit card debt has been concentrated in credit cards with an interest-free period, suggesting that users are not seeking longer-term finance to make purchases

Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia

19 Sep 2003 Media Releases
Announces that the RBA welcomes today's decision by the Federal Court which dismissed an application by Visa International and MasterCard International challenging credit card reforms. The Court's decision clears the way for the final implementation

Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia

19 Sep 2002 Media Releases
Visa International has today announced that it is mounting a legal challenge in the Federal Court to have the final reforms to credit card schemes in Australia overturned

Payment Cards

8 Aug 2017 RDP 2017-04
Mary-Alice Doyle, Chay Fisher, Ed Tellez and Anirudh Yadav
Since the 2013 survey, the share of debit card payments has increased by slightly more than that of credit cards (6 percentage points compared with 3 percentage points). ... Figure 6: Why Hold a Credit Card? Most important reason, by age, 2016.
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Interchange Fees for the Bankcard, Mastercard and Visa Credit Card Schemes

31 Oct 2003 Media Releases
Credit card reform has resulted in interchange fees charged by Bankcard, MasterCard and Visa card schemes to be reduced to around a little over half of their previous level. The Reserve Bank is confident that competition will ensure that the new,