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RBA Glossary definition for card issuer

card issuer – An institution that provides its customers with debit or credit cards.

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

The Personal Credit Card Market in Australia: Pricing over the Past Decade

10 Mar 2012 Bulletin – March 2012
Iris Chan, Sophia Chong and Stephen Mitchell
cardholder. Sources: RBA; credit card issuers' websites. Reward points for merchant-branded four-party platinum cards are more generous than the bank-branded platinum cards: the cardholder needs to spend around ... More recently, card schemes have

Promoting Efficiency And Competition | I A Consultation Document

9 Mar 2023
small credit card issuers will be disadvantaged and overall competition in the credit card market may be reduced; and. ... cards. The Joint Study concluded that interchange fees in Australia's debit card system, which are determined bilaterally and flow

Least-cost Routing of Debit Card Transactions

28 Mar 2023
Links to Least-cost Routing of Debit Card Transactions

The Shift to Electronic Payments – Some Policy Issues

28 Mar 2023 Speech
Ellis Connolly
Speech delivered by Ellis Connolly, Head of Payments Policy, AFR Banking Summit, Sydney

Payments System

9 Mar 2023
Overview of the Australian Payments System

Competitive Neutrality and Net Payments to Issuers | Review of Card Payments Regulation – May 2016 | Conclusions Paper | Submissions

9 Mar 2023
Retaining the current arrangements: companion card issuer fees and other payments to issuers would remain unregulated; interchange fees in four-party schemes would continue to be regulated. ... Some issuers of companion cards focused on the potential

Changes to Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
The table provides data on average fees paid by merchants to acquirers when accepting card payments from consumers. ... This includes average fees by card scheme, separate estimates for transactions using domestic and international cards, and for

The 'Honour All Cards' Rule | Reform of the EFTPOS and Visa Debit Systems in Australia: A Consultation Document – February 2005

9 Mar 2023
By insisting that merchants must accept Visa-branded cards regardless of the issuer, Visa is maximising the network value to cardholders and issuers. ... an ‘issuer’ is a participant in the Visa Debit system that issues Visa Debit cards to its

Regulatory Framework

9 Mar 2023
The Bank has also explicitly stated that it expects large and medium-sized card issuers to issue ‘dual-network’ debit cards (DNDCs), which allow domestic debit payments to be processed via ... The Bank also introduced an expectation that all debit