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RBA Glossary definition for bill rate

bill rate – The bill rate is the effective yield to maturity earned by the holder of a bill. The yield is usually expressed as a per annum rate.

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Appendix 1: Data

1 Dec 1993 RDP 9314
Gordon de Brouwer, Irene Ng and Robert Subbaraman
Definition: Three-month average of the average nominal 90-day bank-accepted bill rate for the week-ending last Wednesday of the month. ... The interest rate series contains a break in the March quarter 1990, reflecting the shift to the payment of more
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Appendix A: The RBA79 model

1 Sep 1979 RDP 7903
P.D. Jonson and R.G. Trevor
Q. r. dummy variable for increases in commercial bill rate, 1974. ... r. 10 year bond rate. r. bl. 90 day commercial bill rate.
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Appendix: RBII Specification

1 Nov 1984 RDP 8403
J.G. Fahrer and R.W. Rankin
bl. dummy variable for increases in commercial bill rate 1974. Qr. ... bl. interest rate on 90 day commercial bills. r. eu. interest rate on 90 day Eurodollar bills.
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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Appendix D: Data Sources and Definitions

31 Dec 2003 RDP 2003-12
Tim Robinson, Andrew Stone and Marileze van Zyl
For the 90-day bank bill rate we use the average level of this series over the last week of each quarter, also available from Table F.1 of the RBA ... Constructed from RBA Bulletin Table ‘Advances Classified by Interest Rates’ [1963:M9–1988:M11].
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Appendix 1: RBII Specification

1 Aug 1984 RDP 8401
J.G. Fahrer, R.W. Rankin and J.C. Taylor
b1. dummy variable for increases in commercial bill rate, 19. Qr. ... b1. interest rate on 90 day commercial bills. r. eu. interest rate on 90 day Eurodollar bills.
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Box D: Bank Bill Swap Benchmark Rates

10 Nov 2013 SMP – November 2013
AFMA publishes BBSW benchmark rates for each monthly tenor out to six months, with each rate designed to reflect where prime bank bills and certificates of deposit (CDs) of that maturity ... For full details on how BBSW benchmark rates are derived, see

Exchange Rate Regimes and the Volatility of Financial Prices: The Australian Case

1 Jul 1986 RDP 8608
Robert G. Trevor and Stephen G. Donald
Research Discussion Papers contain the results of economic research within the Reserve Bank
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Interest Rates | Chart Pack

5 Apr 2023 Chart Pack
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Inter-Govt Govt Inter- bank Govt Federal Treasury security Prime ...

1 Jun 2023 Statistics PDF 186KB
The US ‘Treasury bill 3-month rate’ shows the secondary market selling rate in New York for 91-day Treasury bills, expressed as a yield. ... The data are sourced from the Bank of Canada. The Canadian ‘BA 90-day bill rate’, which is the Bank