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RBA Glossary definition for bid

bid – The price offered to purchase securities in the primary market. In relation to a tender, a bid also includes the volume willing to be bought at the price offered.

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Statement by the Governor, Mr Ian Macfarlane: Monetary Policy

7 Feb 2001 Media Releases
Announcement of reduction in the cash rate by 50 basis points to 5.75 per cent

Interest Rate Benchmark Reform

15 May 2018 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech delivered by Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor, at ISDA Forum (Appearance via video link), Hong Kong

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9 Mar 2023 RDP 2022-02
Other data from Bloomberg are loaded by ‘load_tick_data.R’. Yieldbroker. Data from Yieldbroker on bid-offer spreads and turnover for government bonds are loaded by ‘load_yieldbroker_data.R’.

Statement by the Governor, Mr Bernie Fraser: Interest Rate Reductions

3 Sep 1991 Media Releases
Announcement of reduction in the cash rate by 1 percentage point to 9.50 per cent

The Australian Credit Default Swap Market

10 Dec 2011 Bulletin – December 2011
Daniel Fabbro
Indicative bid-offer spreads quoted by dealers in both the CDS and bond markets are shown in Graph 5. ... Subsequently, however, there have been periods of significant pricing discrepancies, which seem larger than can be reasonably explained by liquidity

Financial Developments

9 Mar 2023 RBA Annual Report – 1980
In a tender, the minimum bid is for $100,000 face value and bids may also be for any multiple of $5,000 face value above that figure. ... Bids are accepted from persons or organisations eligible to hold Treasury notes in the form of inscribed stock who

Box D: Bank Bill Swap Benchmark Rates

10 Nov 2013 SMP – November 2013
For each maturity, averages of the best bids and the best offers sourced from these venues are used to produce the benchmark rates. ... As well as a minimum parcel size, the conventions stipulate maximum bid-offer spreads that prime banks may quote

Australian Fixed Income Markets – Recent Developments and a Look Ahead

24 May 2023 Speech
David Jacobs
Speech delivered by David Jacobs, Head of Domestic Markets , AOFM Fixed Income Forum, Tokyo

Note 1 | Financial Statements

10 Sep 2012 RBA Annual Report – 2012
In accordance with this standard, the securities are valued at market bid prices on balance date; realised and unrealised gains or losses are taken to profit. ... In accordance with this standard, futures positions are marked to market on balance date at

The Global Financial Environment

7 Oct 2022 FSR – October 2022
Bid-ask spreads have widened in a number of economies bond markets alongside high volatility and central banks slowing or ceasing purchases of government bonds (Graph 1.2).