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RBA Glossary definition for bankruptcy

bankruptcy – A legal status, which can be initiated by a creditor or person concerned, whereby the bankrupt's property is vested in a trustee and, with the exception of certain personal and professional property, is available for distribution to creditors.

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The International Reform Agenda: Unfinished Business

27 Feb 2001 Bulletin PDF 75KB
So this is a case forclear rules, accepted by all parties before theevent, just like domestic bankruptcy rules. ... 3. This problem clearly has the potential to arise, also, with domestic bankruptcy procedures.

Box A: Global Recovery Rates on Corporate Defaults

10 Mar 2010 FSR – March 2010
Since 2008, around one third of bankruptcies have been distressed debt exchanges, compared to an historical average of around 10 per cent. ... The agreements appear to result in a quicker emergence from bankruptcy and higher recovery rates for debt

An Update on Household Finances

30 Oct 2008 Speech
Ric Battellino
Speech by Ric Battellino to the 7th ITSA Bankruptcy Congress, Sydney

Australian Bank Capital and the Regulatory Framework

10 Sep 2010 Bulletin – September 2010
Adam Gorajek and Grant Turner
Tier 1 capital consists of the funding sources to which a bank can most freely allocate losses without triggering bankruptcy. ... For example, banks often have equity balancing their holdings of intangible assets, like goodwill, which can automatically

Recent Proposals for Reform of Sovereign Debt Restructuring

10 Aug 2002 Bulletin – August 2002
Anthony Richards, Darren Flood and Mark Gugiatti
same way as claims of domestic creditors, i.e., through the domestic courts and bankruptcy systems. ... However, there is no international bankruptcy system that sets out the rights of debtors and creditors in such cases.

Household Indebtedness and Mortgage Stress

20 Feb 2018 Speech
Michele Bullock
Speech delivered by Michele Bullock, Assistant Governor (Financial System), to the Responsible Lending and Borrowing Summit, Sydney

Box B: Recent Trends in Personal Credit

10 Apr 2018 FSR – April 2018
Personal administrations include bankruptcy, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements. The materials on this webpage are subject to copyright and their use is subject to the terms and conditions set out

Developing Housing Finance Systems | Conference – 2012

20 Aug 2012 Conferences
Francis E Warnock and Veronica Cacdac
borrowers (mainly bankruptcy and collateral laws), the depth of credit information systems, the ease of registering property (as a proxy for how well the housing market works), and macroeconomic stability. ... The index ranges from 0 to 10, with a higher

An Occasional Address by the Governor

21 Oct 1998 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Address by Ian Macfarlane to the International Conference of Banking Supervisors, Sydney

Recent Trends in Australian Banks' Bond Issuance

10 Mar 2010 Bulletin – March 2010
Susan Black, Anthony Brassil and Mark Hack
Graph 1. Bank bond issuance globally slowed sharply in September and October 2008, amid the renewed disruption to global credit markets following the failure of Lehman Brothers and the near-bankruptcy