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RBA Glossary definition for bankruptcy

bankruptcy – A legal status, which can be initiated by a creditor or person concerned, whereby the bankrupt's property is vested in a trustee and, with the exception of certain personal and professional property, is available for distribution to creditors.

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10 Mar 2004 FSR – March 2004
b) All banks. (c) Includes loans to borrowers in legal bankruptcy, loans in arrears by 90 days or more and restructured loans.

Risk Management

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
However, this risk is mitigated because the issuing trust is bankruptcy remote,.

The 1890s Depression

31 Dec 2001 RDP 2001-07
Bryan Fitz-Gibbon and Marianne Gizycki
The aim of the legislation was to give financial institutions more time to resolve their difficulties by delaying bankruptcy proceedings and deferring depositors' claims. ... Also in April, the bankruptcy of the general manager of the Colonial Bank
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Credit Losses at Australian Banks: 1980–2013

11 May 2015 RDP 2015-06
David Rodgers
Research Discussion Paper – RDP 2015-06 Credit Losses at Australian Banks: 1980–2013 Abstract. David Rodgers. May 2015. 1.46. MB. banking, debt, financial markets, regulation. Credit risk – the risk that borrowers will not repay their loans

The Global Financial Crisis | Explainer | Education

26 May 2023
This series provides short, concise explanations for various economics topics.

Payment Systems and Netting Act 1998: Approval of CHESS RTGS Feeder System

24 Nov 2000 Media Releases
The Reserve Bank has declared that the Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) is an approved real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system under section 9 of the Payment Systems and Netting Act 1998

The Global Financial Crisis

26 May 2023 PDF 303KB
Many banks around the world incurred large losses and relied on government support to avoid bankruptcy. ... stakes in some banks and other financial firms to prevent bankruptcies that could have exacerbated the panic in financial markets.

Applicants | Personal Information Collection Notices

9 May 2023
The Personal Information Collection Notice for Applicants contains more information about how the Bank uses personal and other information collected during the recruitment process

Risk Management

12 Apr 2020 RBA Annual Report – 2020
However, this risk is mitigated because the issuing trust is bankruptcy remote, the securities must be rated AAA and they attract a relatively high margin. ... Footnotes. An internal RMBS is a bankruptcy-remote trust set up by an ADI which contains


9 Mar 2023 RDP 2022-05
Berk JB, R Stanton and J Zechner (2010), ‘Human Capital, Bankruptcy, and Capital Structure’, The Journal of Finance, 65(3), pp 891–926.