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RBA Glossary definition for bank accepted bill of exchange

bank accepted bill of exchange – A bank accepted bill of exchange is a bill of exchange that lists a bank as the acceptor of the bill. As an acceptor, a bank has a liability to pay the holder the face value of the bill at maturity. In certain circumstances, the liability is contingent on the borrower, or drawer, defaulting.

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Pricing Behaviour in Australian Financial Futures Markets

19 Nov 2012 RDP PDF 942KB
FUTURES PRtCE vs SPOT PRICE. 90 DAY BANK ACCEPTED BILLS futures price - spot pflce. ... VOLUME vs SPOT PRICE. 90 DAY BANK ACCEPTED BILLS (LHS) spot price -o- - volume (RHS).

The Expectations Theory of the Term Structure and Short-Term Interest Rates in Australia

19 Nov 2012 RDP PDF 664KB
The 90-day and 180-day bank-accepted bills are backed by Trading Banks. ... Rt - yield on 180-day bank-accepted bill at end of week t.

Estimating the Effects of Monetary Policy in Australia Using Sign-restricted Structural Vector Autoregressions

29 Dec 2022 RDP PDF 1886KB
However, it seems. plausible that the central bank may take into account the exchange rate when setting policy,. ... lower probability at longer horizons. The restriction reduces the prominence of negative exchange.

RBAFOI-222341 - documents for release

18 May 2023 PDF 2695KB
documents between 1 November 2022 and 14 March 2023 pertaining to concerns, and any possible extension of the Term Funding Facility(TFF) and/or documents pertaining to the concerns, and impact on the recipients of the TFF, inclusive of the mortgage

Box C: Reserve Bank Open Market Operations

9 Nov 2007 SMP - November 2007 PDF 41KB


18 Nov 2015 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech by Guy Debelle, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets) Benchmarks at the Bloomberg Summit, Sydney

Open Market Operations and Domestic Securities

29 Nov 2007 Speech
Guy Debelle
domestic liquidity, and since 2004, we have also used repos in bank bills. ... The list of eligible Authorised Depost-taking Institution (ADI) issuers of bank bills and CDs was broadened and longer term securities issued by ADIs (with a high credit rating

Financial Stability Review – September 2008

13 Oct 2008 FSR – September 2008 PDF 692KB

Central Bank Frameworks: Evolution or Revolution?

4 Jan 2023 Conferences PDF 7522KB
RBA Conference Volume 2018

Financial Stability Review - September 2004

6 Jan 2005 FSR PDF 1099KB
2004. Interest ratedifferential. (LHS). % US$. US$ per A$(RHS). Yield spread between 90-day Australian bank bill futures and 90-day Eurodollar futures for contracts three quarters ahead. ... Policy rate(RHS, month-end). Amsterdam Exchanges IndexSources: