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RBA Glossary definition for balance of payments

balance of payments – A summary of the economic transactions between residents of one country and residents of other countries.

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The Australian Economy and Financial Markets

31 Aug 2023 Chart Pack PDF 5832KB
The Australian Economy and Financial Markets - September 2023

Discussion on Macroeconomic Policies and Growth | Conference – 1995

10 Jul 1995 Conferences
Andersen and Gruen attempt to do so. Their analysis begins with an elasticities approach to analyse consistency between balance of payment outcomes and GDP growth rates. ... Many academics and some policy makers have argued that we should forget about

The Australian Experience

1 Jul 1990 RDP 9002
Warwick J. McKibbin and Steven R. Morling
This is especially important for the trade balance data which includes terms of trade effects. ... Figure 7 CURRENT ACCOUNT and TRADE BALANCE. (% GDP). (v) Does the Twin Deficits Proposition Apply?
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All Speeches

9 Mar 2023
Speeches by senior staff of the Reserve Bank

The Balance of Payments

25 May 2023 PDF 152KB
The Balance of Payments. RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA | Education 1The Balance of Payments. ... Because of this there is an additional item included in the balance of payments, known as ‘net errors and omissions’, to ensure that it always balances.

Introduction of The Exchange Rate, International Trade and the Balance of Payments

12 Feb 2007 Conferences PDF 17KB
RBA Conference Volume 1993

Aspects of Australia's Economic Situation

5 Apr 2001 Speech
Glenn Stevens
Speech by Glenn Stevens to the Melbourne Institute Business Economics Forum, Sydney

Opening Statement to House of Representatives

7 May 1998 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Opening Statement delivered by Ian Macfarlane to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Financial Institutions and Public Administration, Melbourne

The Economy and Financial Markets in the September Quarter

10 Oct 1993 Bulletin – October 1993
The extreme volatility exhibited by balance of payments statistics in the early part of 1993 has subsided in recent months. ... The ongoing reduction in leverage and rebuilding of financial assets has substantially improved the health of corporate

Appendix A. Model Specification for RBA76

1 Sep 1979 RDP 7904
John C. Taylor
NCT. Notes, coin and cash balances with the Reserve Bank of all trading banks. ... YHNP. Income base for non-PAYE tax payments. YWSS. Wages, salaries and supplements.
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