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RBA Glossary definition for appreciation

appreciation – An increase in the value of an asset. In foreign-exchange terms, it is a relative increase in the value of one currency compared to another.

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Statement by Philip Lowe, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision

3 Jul 2018 Media Releases
Announcement that the Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.50 per cent.

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Nov 2003 Bulletin – May 2003
The main reason for the recent decline in inflation is the dampening effect from the exchange rate appreciation over the past two years. ... Exports fell, weighed down by lacklustre external demand and the earlier appreciation of the euro, and

RBAFOI-222342 - documents for release

10 May 2023 PDF 1755KB
However, the user cost model is sensitive to changes in the expected capital appreciation rate (i.e. ... The user cost of owning a house accounts for the real mortgage rate, depreciation, running and transaction costs, and expected capital appreciation.

The Effect of the Mining Boom on the Australian Economy

18 Dec 2014 Bulletin – December 2014
Peter Tulip
This article presents estimates of the effects of the mining boom using a macroeconometric model of the Australian economy. The mining boom is estimated to have boosted real per capita household disposable income by 13 per cent over the decade to

Internationalising the Renminbi

10 Jun 2012 Bulletin – June 2012
Lynne Cockerell and Michael Shoory
Nevertheless, these survey measures also suggest that expectations for appreciation of the CNY exchange rate have recently fallen. ... investors to hold funds in the offshore market at a lower rate of return due to expectations of exchange rate

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 2003 Bulletin – May 2003
Another important development in recent months has been the appreciation of the Australian dollar. ... Inflation expectations remain relatively stable, and moderating demand pressures combined with the appreciation of the currency should have a dampening

Conditions in the Manufacturing Sector

16 Jun 2016 Bulletin – June 2016
Sean Langcake
Manufacturing output and employment have fallen steadily as a share of the Australian economy for the past three decades. This article looks at the composition of the sector and draws on the Reserve Bank's liaison with manufacturers to provide an

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Aug 2003 Bulletin – August 2003
3). Export weakness, partly related to the appreciation of the euro, has been a key factor, as has the continuing contraction in investment spending. ... of expectations was skewed towards an appreciation of the Chinese currency against the US dollar.

Statement by the Governor, Mr Ian Macfarlane: Monetary Policy

5 Nov 2003 Media Releases
Announcement of increase in the cash rate by 25 basis points to 5.0 per cent

Discussion on Recent Thinking About Exchange Rate Determination and Policy | Conference – 1993

12 Jul 1993 Conferences
Another example is the persistent real appreciation of the Japanese yen vis-à-vis the US dollar during the past four decades. ... 435–451. Feldman, R.A. (1982), ‘Dollar Appreciation, Foreign Trade, and the U.S.