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RBA Glossary definition for USD

USD – US dollar. Also referred to as US$.

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Discussion | Conference – 2016

18 Mar 2016 Conferences
the second half of the year, following the strengthening of the US dollar (USD). ... Since the Bank for International Settlements data on external claims and liabilities for all countries are not yet available for the December quarter of 2015, another

Material Developments | Assessment of ASX Clearing and Settlement Facilities

9 Mar 2023
Participants in ASX Clear (Futures) are able to post cash collateral in any of the G4 currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY) in addition to AUD. ... Since the systems used for payment of AUD margin (Austraclear and the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer

Recent Conditions in the Australian Foreign Exchange Market

10 Mar 2009 Bulletin – March 2009
Guy Debelle, Patrick D'Arcy and Crystal Ossolinski
Across currencies, the recent fall has been concentrated in USD swaps (Graph 2). ... On average, the spread for the AUD/USD is consistent with its ranking in spot turnover, i.e.

Box D: Covered Bond Issuance by Australian Banks

9 Feb 2012 SMP – February 2012 PDF 492KB

The Impact of Real and Nominal Shocks on Australian Real Exchange Rates

31 Jan 2006 RDP PDF 634KB
Their effect is, however, much less pronounced than for the AUD/USD rate. ... 30. Figure 4: Responses to Nominal Shocks. AUD/USD RESPONSE TO AUSTRALIAN NOMlNAL SHOCK.

Box A: Recent Trends in the Issuance of Basel III Compliant Contingent Capital Instruments

23 Sep 2014 FSR September 2014 PDF 522KB

The Key Obstacles to Success in Economic Catching Up by China | Conference – 2016

18 Mar 2016 Conferences
Wing Thye Woo
The New York Times (2010) indulged in some oxymoronic rhetoric, calling the fixed CNY–USD exchange rate ‘a textbook example of the beggar-thy-neighbour competitive devaluation’ (emphasis added).

Syndicated Lending

13 Jun 2023 Bulletin - June 2023 PDF 1022KB

List of tables

10 Sep 2014 FSR – September 2014
8.25. USD 2.0. UK. AT1. 7%. Equity conversion. Crédit Agricole. Apr 14. ... UBS. May 14. 5.125. USD 2.5. Switzerland. T2. 5%. Principal write-down (full).

Developments in Foreign Exchange and OTC Derivatives Markets

19 Dec 2013 Bulletin – December 2013
Matthew Brooks, Cameron Deans, Peter Wallis, Benjamin Watson and Mark Wyrzykowski
Global activity in foreign exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets continued to increase over the three years to April 2013. The increase in foreign exchange turnover was mostly driven by growth in the United Kingdom. Turnover in