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RBA Glossary definition for USD

USD – US dollar. Also referred to as US$.

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2019 BIS Triennial Survey Results ' Australia

17 Sep 2019 Media Releases
April 2016. April 2019. AUD/USD. 50.1. 44.0. 45.3. 39.3. 44.3. 40.7. ... April 2019. AUD. 7.7. 10.7. 15.3. 33.6. 54.7. 46.0. 66.1. USD.

Fundamentals, Portfolio Adjustments and the Australian Dollar

10 May 2009 Bulletin – May 2009
Patrick D'Arcy and Emily Poole
On several days when the largest falls in the AUD/USD occurred there was large-scale selling of the Australian dollar against the Japanese yen. ... as the USD/CAD and NZD/USD that also have a strong correlation with commodity prices.

Australian Money Market Divergence: Arbitrage Opportunity or Illusion?

1 Sep 2019 RDP 2019-09
Belinda Cheung and Sebastien Printant
Relative to cash rate expectations, the gross return on USD swaps increased to 60 basis points. ... AUD into USD. Bloomberg. We assume the USD leg is. invested in US LIBOR.
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List of tables

13 Sep 2007 PSB Annual Report – 2007
Per cent of total. All. USD. EUR. JPY. GBP. CHF. AUD.

Appendix A: Data Sources

31 Dec 2001 RDP 2001-04
Luci Ellis
Datastream code. Australia (dollar). AUD/USD. AUI.RF. Belgium (B franc). USD/BEF. BGI.RF. ... Canada (dollar). USD/CAD. CNI.RF. Chile (peso). USD/CLP. CLI.RF. China (renminbi). USD/CNY.
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Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivative Markets

17 Sep 2019 Media Releases
In April 2019, the Reserve Bank conducted a survey of activity in foreign exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) interest rate derivatives markets in Australia.

Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Markets

10 Oct 2001 Media Releases
Results of April 2001 survey of foreign exchange and derivatives markets

Recent Conditions in the Australian Foreign Exchange Market

16 Feb 2009 Speech
Chris Ryan and Guy Debelle
Speech presented by Chris Ryan to the Westpac & Global Pensions Currency Forum, Sydney

Risk Management

9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 545KB

Official Reserve Assets – August 2023

7 Sep 2023 Statistics
Figures in Table 2 have been converted to US dollar values using the end-month AUD/USD exchange rate.