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RBA Glossary definition for Treasury notes

Treasury notes – Australian Government Securities with a short term to maturity, issued at a discount to their face value with the difference (or discount) representing the return on the note. They are used primarily to meet the Government's need for within-year finance.

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Credit Supply and Demand and the Australian Economy

31 Jan 2006 RDP PDF 637KB
cent change outcome) Standard error of estimate 0.783. Note: Details of the estimation procedure are outlined in Appendix A. ... Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that similar findings concerning the improved indicator qualities of credit have been

Implications for the Reserve Bank's Liquidity Management Operations of Changes in Commonwealth Government Cash Flows

22 Feb 2001 Bulletin PDF 86KB
Treasury notes have traditionally beenissued with standard maturities of 5, 13 and26 weeks. ... Since Treasury note issuance is alsodesigned to assist the private sector to manageits liquidity, the bulk of Treasury notes is likelyto be issued to mature

Infrastructure Developments in the Market for Commonwealth Government Securities

25 Sep 2013 Bulletin PDF 499KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin September Quarter 2013

Identifying Repo Market Microstructure from Securities Transactions Data

13 Aug 2018 RDP PDF 2622KB
Notes: Algorithm run with 14-day maturity cap on all available transaction data; rounded to 0.1 percentage points. ... Notes: Non-rounded is defined as any non-zero decimals when measured in basis points with two decimal places; repos spanning.

The Domestic Market for Short-term Debt Securities

10 Sep 2011 Bulletin – September 2011
Matthew Boge and Ian Wilson
as CDs. 180.9. 72.2. 181.1. 55.4. AOFM (as Treasury notes). 16.0. ... BBSW tending to be somewhat less than those implied by Treasury note yields.

Review of the Yield Target

22 Mar 2023
In March 2020, the Reserve Bank Board introduced a target for the yield on the three-year Australian Government bond which was discontinued in November 2021. This review examines the experience with the yield target and draws lessons from this

A Brief History

9 Mar 2023
A summary of the evolution of central banking in Australia; a list of Governors; and a list of members of the Reserve Bank Board

List of Media Releases Provided by Telerate, Reuters and Bloomberg

18 Aug 2005 Media Releases
List of Media Releases Provided by Telerate, Reuters and Bloomberg


9 Mar 2023 Submissions
Index of Documents commissioned by or prepared for Parliament, its committees, and other public inquiries

The Evolving Structure of the Australian Financial System | Conference – 1996

9 Jul 1996 Conferences
Malcolm Edey and Brian Gray
Important responses to these pressures were the introduction of treasury note tenders in 1979 and bond tenders in 1982, replacing the previous systems of administered interest rates on these instruments. ... 25. 26. 25. Other. 34. 32. 33. 33. 35. 36.