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RBA Glossary definition for Treasury notes

Treasury notes – Australian Government Securities with a short term to maturity, issued at a discount to their face value with the difference (or discount) representing the return on the note. They are used primarily to meet the Government's need for within-year finance.

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18 Sep 2023
The RBA is accountable directly to the Parliament and to the general public for the way it carries out its responsibilities. Includes information on the Boards of the RBA, accountability to, and consultation with, Parliament,information services,

Discussion on Inflation Targeting and Japan: Why has the Bank of Japan not Adopted Inflation Targeting? | Conference – 2004

9 Aug 2004 Conferences
paper and US Treasury notes are not perfect substitutes, so that their relative supplies affect their relative price, the exchange rate. ... Purchase of bonds: The supply of duration to any government bond market is fundamentally a treasury responsibility

Is Our Current International Economic Environment Unusually Crisis Prone? | Conference – 1999

9 Aug 1999 Conferences
Michael Bordo and Barry Eichengreen
0.04. 0.00. g. (5). g. crisis. 0.00. 0.03. 0.01. Notes: g. ... Real estate prices soared as banks issued notes in excess of the legal limit.

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4 May 2023
So talking on the phone to the RBA desk in New York, they reported that US treasuries, the most liquid market in the world, had effectively seized up then. ... Note that the swap lines were not about providing US Dollars to the Australian banks to meet

Demographic Change and Asset Prices | Conference – 2006

23 Jul 2006 Conferences
Robin Brooks
9,422. 8,923. 997. Stock price index relative to Treasury bill index. ... return bond index and the real total return Treasury bill index in the US.

Identifying Repo Market Microstructure from Securities Transactions Data

13 Aug 2018 RDP PDF 2622KB
Notes: Algorithm run with 14-day maturity cap on all available transaction data; rounded to 0.1 percentage points. ... Notes: Non-rounded is defined as any non-zero decimals when measured in basis points with two decimal places; repos spanning.

Appendix B: Data

1 Dec 1994 RDP 9410
Frederic S. Mishkin and John Simon
The sample starts with the third quarter of 1962 because this is the first date that data on Treasury notes are consistently available. ... The CPI data are an average over the quarter so the Treasury note interest rate data are also averaged over the
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Appendix B: The Loan Rate and Instrumental Variables

1 Jul 1992 RDP 9208
Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Marianne Gizycki
the maximum rate on certificates of deposit;. the rediscount rate for Treasury notes;. ... the spread between the mortgage rate and the thirteen week Treasury note rate;.
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Note 1 | Financial Statements

31 Aug 2007 RBA Annual Report – 2007
Reserve Bank of Australia and Controlled Entities. Note 1 SUMMARY OF ACCOUNTING POLICIES. ... Prior to 2005/06, the RBA periodically adjusted its liability for note series that ceased to be issued, to reflect the likelihood that the remaining notes on

Infrastructure Developments in the Market for Commonwealth Government Securities

19 Sep 2013 Bulletin – September 2013
Chris Becker, Jonathan Lees and Andrew Zurawski
The market for Commonwealth Government securities (CGS) is a key financial market in Australia because, among other things, it provides a risk-free benchmark for the pricing of a wide range of fixed income securities. This article discusses aspects