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RBA Glossary definition for Treasury indexed bonds

Treasury indexed bonds – Australian Government Securities with a payment stream that increases by an indexation factor reflecting changes in the rate of inflation. Indexing occurs on the principal value of the investment.

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The Repo Market in Australia

14 Dec 2010 Bulletin PDF 264KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin December Quarter 2010

The Repo Market in Australia

10 Dec 2010 Bulletin – December 2010
David Wakeling and Ian Wilson
Commonwealth Government Securities (CGS). – Treasury notes. – Treasury bonds. – Treasury indexed bonds. ... Source: RBA. The convention within the Australian market is to distinguish between those government-related securities which are most liquid


29 Mar 2023 PDF 1199KB
AOFM means the Australian Office of Financial Management. AOFM Loaned Securities means Treasury fixed coupon bonds, Treasury indexed bonds or any other securities or other financial instruments as determined by the

Three Perspectives on an Australasian Monetary Union

26 Nov 2006 Conferences PDF 214KB
RBA Conference Volume 2001

The Separation of Debt Management and Monetary Policy

10 Nov 1993 Bulletin – November 1993
The main decisions are:. the proportions of the issue to be in Treasury bonds, Treasury indexed bonds, and Treasury notes. ... In 1993, the Government recommenced issuing Treasury indexed bonds through a dealer panel which then distributes the securities

Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 2003 Bulletin – May 2003
Once it became clear that the war was likely to be over quickly, bond yields rose again. ... Graph 11. While most countries experienced this cycle in bond yields, its severity varied.

Note 1 – Summary of Accounting Policies | Financial Statements

24 Aug 2001 RBA Annual Report – 2001
d) Australian dollar securities. The RBA holds Commonwealth Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds, Treasury Notes and Treasury Capital Indexed Bonds. ... Treasury Capital Indexed Bonds are coupon securities with the nominal value of the security indexed in line

Estimating Inflation Expectations with a Limited Number of Inflation-indexed Bonds

8 Mar 2011 RDP PDF 479KB
Terms and conditions of Treasury inflation-indexed bondsare available at 2. ... Note that inflation-indexed bonds are relatively illiquid, especially in comparisonto nominal bonds.7

List of Media Releases Provided by Telerate, Reuters and Bloomberg

18 Aug 2005 Media Releases
List of Media Releases Provided by Telerate, Reuters and Bloomberg

Discussion on Inflation Targeting and Japan: Why has the Bank of Japan not Adopted Inflation Targeting? | Conference – 2004

9 Aug 2004 Conferences
This presumption covers the purchase of bonds, risky domestic assets and foreign exchange, all of which can affect inflation. ... Purchase of bonds: The supply of duration to any government bond market is fundamentally a treasury responsibility.