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RBA Glossary definition for Treasury indexed bonds

Treasury indexed bonds – Australian Government Securities with a payment stream that increases by an indexation factor reflecting changes in the rate of inflation. Indexing occurs on the principal value of the investment.

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Changes to Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
21 October 2022. The notes to the table have been revised to clarify the selection of the 10-year nominal bonds. ... 5 June 2017. The corporate bond spreads in the above table have been revised to reflect changes to methodology.

Historical Data

31 Mar 2023 Statistics
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31 Dec 2011 RDP 2011-01
Richard Finlay and Sebastian Wende
RDP 2011-01: Estimating Inflation Expectations with a Limited Number of Inflation-indexed Bonds 1. ... Terms and conditions of Treasury inflation-indexed bonds are available at
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Note 1 – Summary of Accounting Policies | Financial Statements

3 Aug 2000 RBA Annual Report – 2000
d) Domestic government securities. The RBA holds Commonwealth Treasury Fixed Coupon Bonds, Treasury Notes, Treasury Capital Indexed Bonds, and Treasury Adjustable Rate Bonds. ... Treasury Capital Indexed Bonds are coupon securities with the nominal value

Videos | Education

4 May 2023
Bonds and the Yield Curve. 20 January 2021. A Video Explainer introducing key concepts related to bonds, the bond market and the yield curve. ... There are less government bonds here than in the US or in other countries which may make QE more effective.

Infrastructure Developments in the Market for Commonwealth Government Securities

19 Sep 2013 Bulletin – September 2013
Chris Becker, Jonathan Lees and Andrew Zurawski
The market for Commonwealth Government securities (CGS) is a key financial market in Australia because, among other things, it provides a risk-free benchmark for the pricing of a wide range of fixed income securities. This article discusses aspects

Bulletin August 2001 – Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Aug 2001 Bulletin
The spread between Argentinian bonds and US Treasuries rose to over 16 percentage points at one stage in July, after averaging around 7 percentage points in the first half of 2001. ... Capital flows can be disaggregated in various ways. Graph A1 breaks

Identifying Repo Market Microstructure from Securities Transactions Data

13 Aug 2018 RDP PDF 2622KB
Identifying Repo Market Microstructure from Securities Transactions Data. Nicholas Garvin. Research Discussion Paper. R D P 2018- 09. Figures in this publication were generated using Mathematica. The contents of this publication shall not be

Infrastructure Developments in the Market for Commonwealth Government Securities

25 Sep 2013 Bulletin PDF 499KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin September Quarter 2013