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RBA Glossary definition for Treasury fixed-coupon bonds

Treasury fixed-coupon bonds – Australian Government Securities with fixed maturity dates and twice-yearly interest or coupon payments. Coupon payments are fixed for the life of the bond at its first issue.

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Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2011

22 Sep 2011 RBA Annual Report 2011 PDF 2613KB

Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2010

12 Dec 2010 RBA Annual Report 2010 PDF 3408KB

GDP-linked Bonds

13 Sep 2016 Bulletin September Quarter 2016 PDF 379KB

Sectoral Trends in Funding Patterns in the Australian Economy | Submission to the Financial System Inquiry – March 2014 | Financial Sector…

1 Mar 2014 Submissions
Bringing these factors together, it is perhaps not surprising that most Australian corporate bonds have been issued offshore and that the Australian domestic corporate bond market remains relatively small (Graph ... for the issuance of retail vanilla

Trading in Treasury Bond Futures Contracts and Bonds in Australia

18 Sep 2014 Bulletin – September 2014
Belinda Cheung
Treasury bond futures are a key financial product in Australia, with turnover in Treasury bond futures contracts significantly larger than turnover in the market for Commonwealth Government securities (CGS). Treasury bond futures contracts provide a

Changes to Statistical Tables

4 Sep 2023 Statistics
Lending rates; Small business; Variable; Small overdraft. Lending rates; Small business; 3-year fixed. ... 5 June 2018. Aggregate Measures of Australian Corporate Bond Spreads and Yields – F3.

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13 Jun 2023 Statistics
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Liquidity in the Australian Treasury Bond Futures Market

10 Jun 2012 Bulletin – June 2012
Bobby Lien and Andrew Zurawski
These contracts reference the yield on a basket of Treasury bonds with a notional face value of $100,000, a standardised coupon rate of 6 per cent per annum and an ... Graph 2. The level of turnover in the Treasury bond futures market has likely been

The Reserve Bank in Darwin

20 Mar 2023 Speech
an increase of 1/4% p.a. in the interest rates paid on trading bank fixed deposits and on savings bank deposits;. ... change. The Board agreed that the Bank should not resist appropriate changes in bond yields in such circumstances.

Videos | Education

4 May 2023
Bonds and the Yield Curve. 20 January 2021. A Video Explainer introducing key concepts related to bonds, the bond market and the yield curve. ... There are less government bonds here than in the US or in other countries which may make QE more effective.