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RBA Glossary definition for TSP

TSP – Token service provider

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Australian Payments Plus - Submission

28 Sep 2023 PDF 284KB
By. maintaining parity in the processing of updates across both TSPs, gateways should ensure. ... account or relationship change must communicate that change via domestic and international TSPs. •

Review of Retail Payments Regulation - Conclusions Paper - October 2021

21 Oct 2021 PDF 1755KB
Review of Retail Payments. Regulation. Conclusions Paper. October 2021. Contents. 1 Executive summary 1. Box A: Changes from the Consultation Paper 6. Box B: Implications of the Review for smaller merchants 6. 2 Introduction 9. 3 Dual-network debit

Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System

1 Sep 2011 PDF 1927KB
Confidential. Reserve Bank of Australia Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System. Final: 1.0. 30 August 2011. 2 Payments System strategic review Confidential Final: 1.0. Authorisation. The information contained in this document, which

Credit Card Schemes in Australia - A response to the Reserve Bank of Australia and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Joint…

3 Dec 2001 PDF 514KB
Executive Overview. The Joint Study into Debit and Credit Card Schemes in Australia (A Study of Interchange Fees andAccess) discusses many aspects of the 4-party credit card systems operating in Australia and aroundthe world. It claims that these