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RBA Glossary definition for Exchange Settlement Account balances

Exchange Settlement Account balances – The sum of balances held in Exchange Settlement Accounts with the Reserve Bank.

RBA Glossary definition for Surplus Exchange Settlement Account balances

Surplus Exchange Settlement Account balances – Exchange Settlement Account balances, excluding balances that account holders keep to meet their after-hours payments in the direct entry system or the New Payments Platform.

RBA Glossary definition for settlement

settlement – The discharge of obligations arising from fund transfers between two or more parties.

RBA Glossary definition for Exchange Settlement Account

Exchange Settlement Account – An account held at the Reserve Bank of Australia by financial institutions to settle financial obligations arising from the clearing of payments.

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Financial Stability Review March 2014

26 Mar 2014 FSR March 2014 PDF 1956KB

Operations in Financial Markets

21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
a reduction in the interest paid on Exchange Settlement (ES) balances at the Reserve Bank to zero, from 0.1 per cent previously. ... This was as expected and is discussed further below. The funds traded in the cash market are the balances held by

Domestic Financial Conditions

4 Nov 2022 SMP – November 2022
Demand for short-term liquidity obtained at OMO has increased a little in recent months, but remains low relative to pre-pandemic activity, reflecting large Exchange Settlement balances. ... current account surplus and the record trade surplus.

The Impact of Payments System and Prudential Reforms on the RBA's Provision of Liquidity

16 Aug 2013 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech by Guy Debelle to the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) and RBA briefing, Sydney

The Cash Market

15 Dec 2016 Bulletin – December 2016
Al Hing, Gerard Kelly and David Olivan
The cash market is the market for unsecured, overnight loans between banks. The weighted average of interest rates on these loans is the cash rate, the Reserve Bank's operational target for monetary policy and an important financial benchmark. Over

Central Bank Frameworks: Evolution or Revolution?

4 Jan 2023 Conferences PDF 7522KB
RBA Conference Volume 2018

Domestic Financial Conditions

5 Nov 2021 SMP – November 2021
This change reflected the substantial increase in government debt and Exchange Settlement (ES) balances since the start of 2020, such that the value of these high-quality liquid assets available is ... Graph 3.37. Net capital outflows increased in the

Structural Liquidity and Domestic Market Operations

15 Sep 2017 Bulletin – September 2017
Benn Robertson
The Reserve Bank is a net supplier of liquidity to the Australian financial system. This reflects demand for the Reserve Bank's liabilities from its customers, as well as the asset allocation decisions of the Reserve Bank. The key drivers of

Financial Stability Review - September 2004

6 Jan 2005 FSR PDF 1099KB
Fiscal balance. % %. % %. 20052002199619901984. Sources: IMF; RBA; Thomson Financial IMF projections for 2004 and 2005. ... Policy rate(RHS, month-end). Amsterdam Exchanges IndexSources: Bloomberg; DNB; ECB; Thomson Financial.

Operations in Financial Markets

20 Sep 2018 RBA Annual Report – 2018
The funds traded in the cash market are the balances held by financial institutions in their Exchange Settlement Accounts (ESAs) at the Reserve Bank. ... The aggregate level of Exchange Settlement (ES) balances changes as a result of payments made or