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RBA Glossary definition for Exchange Settlement Account balances

Exchange Settlement Account balances – The sum of balances held in Exchange Settlement Accounts with the Reserve Bank.

RBA Glossary definition for Surplus Exchange Settlement Account balances

Surplus Exchange Settlement Account balances – Exchange Settlement Account balances, excluding balances that account holders keep to meet their after-hours payments in the direct entry system or the New Payments Platform.

RBA Glossary definition for settlement

settlement – The discharge of obligations arising from fund transfers between two or more parties.

RBA Glossary definition for Exchange Settlement Account

Exchange Settlement Account – An account held at the Reserve Bank of Australia by financial institutions to settle financial obligations arising from the clearing of payments.

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Reform of Interbank Payments - A Proposal for Implementing Real Time Gross Settlement in Australia

5 Apr 1995 Media Releases
The proposed system builds on the existing electronic systems for managing exchange settlement accounts (RITS), and is intended to be introduced in stages which would adapt the existing system to the ... With RTGS, dealing with banks or non-banks would

Financial Stability Review - September 2005

26 Sep 2005 FSR - September 2005 PDF 494KB

Financial Stability Review

1 Apr 2004 FSR PDF 611KB
The low level of interest rates in the US, combined with the large US current account defi cit, is also fuelling a major realignment of exchange rates, with the US dollar ... These aggregate data on the household sector’s balance sheet obviously hide

Liquidity Management - Prudential Statement D1

24 Jun 2002 Media Release PDF 95KB
presuming that surplus liquidity in one currency can be used to meet a shortfall in another currency. ... potential sources of volatility in assets and liabilities (and claims and obligations arising from off-balance sheet business);.

Public Sector Growth and the Current Account in Australia: A Longer Run Perspective

19 Nov 2012 RDP PDF 1267KB

Operations in Financial Markets

17 Oct 2019 RBA Annual Report – 2019
The funds traded in the cash market are the balances held by financial institutions in their Exchange Settlement Accounts (ESAs) at the Reserve Bank. ... The aggregate level of Exchange Settlement (ES) balances changes as a result of payments made or

Economic Survey

9 Mar 2023 RBA Annual Report – 1961
Current account balance. 185. 219. 369. Capital—official. 21. 29. 82. —private (including balancing item). ... During the second half of the financial year there was a marked improvement in the balance on current account and the downward trend in

The Australian Experience

1 Jul 1990 RDP 9002
Warwick J. McKibbin and Steven R. Morling
As in the case of the fiscal deficit, the larger the interest servicing costs, the larger the trade balance surplus required to service the outstanding stock of debt. ... The peak of the trade balance surplus corresponded to a period of exceptionally
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The Cash Market

15 Dec 2016 Bulletin – December 2016
Al Hing, Gerard Kelly and David Olivan
The cash market is the market for unsecured, overnight loans between banks. The weighted average of interest rates on these loans is the cash rate, the Reserve Bank's operational target for monetary policy and an important financial benchmark. Over

5 October 2021 | Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting of the Board

19 Oct 2021 Minutes
Minutes of the monetary policy meeting of the Reserve Bank Board for 5 October 2021