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RBA Glossary definition for Exchange Settlement Account balances

Exchange Settlement Account balances – The sum of balances held in Exchange Settlement Accounts with the Reserve Bank.

RBA Glossary definition for Surplus Exchange Settlement Account balances

Surplus Exchange Settlement Account balances – Exchange Settlement Account balances, excluding balances that account holders keep to meet their after-hours payments in the direct entry system or the New Payments Platform.

RBA Glossary definition for settlement

settlement – The discharge of obligations arising from fund transfers between two or more parties.

RBA Glossary definition for Exchange Settlement Account

Exchange Settlement Account – An account held at the Reserve Bank of Australia by financial institutions to settle financial obligations arising from the clearing of payments.

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The Balance of Payments | Conference – 1990

21 Jun 1990 Conferences
Warren Tease
The current account deficit increased sharply in the early 1980s, and despite a large depreciation of the real exchange rate and a move into surplus in the government accounts, there was ... The rise in the current account deficit largely reflected

Notes to and Forming Part of the Financials Statements

9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 284KB

Recent Developments in Federal Reserve System Liquidity and Reserve Operations | Conference – 2008

14 Jul 2008 Conferences
Spence Hilton
A bank may also contract with its district Federal Reserve Bank to have a clearing balance obligation, whereby the bank agrees to hold a specified level of balances in its Federal ... However, aggregate total requirements to hold balances in a Fed

General Background | 2013 Self-assessment of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System

9 Mar 2023
It is operated by the Bank and settles transactions across Exchange Settlement Accounts (ESAs) held at the Bank. ... basis point penalty (subject to an allowance for variations in ESA balances arising from DE settlements that occur outside of normal

Inflation and Disinflation in Australia: 1950–91 | Conference – 1992

31 Dec 1950 Conferences
Glenn Stevens
The current account of the balance of payments moved sharply into surplus, and in the absence of any notable offsetting private capital flows, the level of the central bank's foreign ... and the current account surplus evaporated in the first half of 1974

Operations in Financial Markets

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
Exchange Settlement (ES) balances. ... The funds traded in the cash market are the balances held by financial institutions in their Exchange Settlement Accounts (ESAs) at the Reserve Bank.

Asymmetric Demography and Macroeconomic Interactions Across National Borders | Conference – 2006

23 Jul 2006 Conferences
Ralph C Bryant
Asymmetric demographic transitions have particularly important effects on exchange rates, saving-investment and current account balances and, hence, net capital flows. ... The exchange rate linking the two economies adjusts to ensure that the current

The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy on the Overnight Interbank Market | Conference – 2013

19 Aug 2013 Conferences
Morten L Bech and Cyril Monnet
ε. , to its reserve balance. This can, for example, be due to end-of-day settlements of auxiliary payment and security settlement systems. ... All banks that settle payments across their own Exchange Settlement account participate in the survey (around

Semi-Annual Statement on Monetary Policy

10 May 1998 Bulletin – May 1998
In the countries most affected by the crisis, current account positions have moved into surplus. ... a measure of overall exchange rate moves of the Australian dollar as in more settled times.

The Balance of Payments in the 1980s

19 Nov 2012 RDP PDF 2310KB
6. 7. 8. Corden(1979) p.382. A further point to note is that, in principle, the current account deficit is also identically equal to the capital account surplus. ... I. 00. -1.00. -3.00. -5.00. -7.00. 1959/60. Figure 1. CURREN'f' ACCOUNT BALANCE.