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Statement of Liabilities and Assets – The weekly Reserve Bank of Australia balance sheet published each Friday, as at close of business the previous Wednesday.

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The Bank's Accounts

9 Mar 2023 RBA Annual Report – 1989
The Bank's financial statements for 1988/89, together with explanatory notes, are set out in the following pages. ... On the assets side, the fall in value of gold has been noted.

Discussion of Rates Normalization Amid Elevated Global Financial Vulnerabilities

29 Dec 2022 Conferences PDF 588KB
RBA Annual Conference 2022

Doing Less, with Less: Capital Misallocation, Investment and the Productivity Slowdown in Australia

22 Mar 2023 RDP 2023-03
Jonathan Hambur and Dan Andrews
Table 1: Baseline Capital Reallocation Regression. Non-current assets. Non-current assets. FTE. ... Gearing, measured as non-current liabilities as a share of assets. Highly geared firms may have more trouble raising additional external finance to fund


6 Oct 2022 Bulletin
Insights into the economy and financial system from teams throughout the Reserve Bank of Australia

Note 11 – Contingent Assets and Liabilities | Financial Statements

12 Sep 2014 RBA Annual Report – 2014
Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2014 Financial Statements Note 11 – Contingent Assets and Liabilities. ... Accordingly, they are treated as contingent liabilities in accordance with AASB 137 – Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and

The Consequences of Low Interest Rates for the Australian Banking Sector

19 Dec 2022 RDP PDF 1588KB
This mechanically results from banks having more assets than liabilities, and can be shown by. ... liabilities. A , L and E are the values of banks’ assets, liabilities and equity.

Note 1 | Financial Statements

4 Sep 2008 RBA Annual Report – 2008
Note Printing Australia Limited's total assets, liabilities and capital as at 30 June 2008 were $82.6 million, $22.6 million and $60.0 million respectively ($75.6 million, ... The assets, liabilities and results of Note Printing Australia Limited have

Notes to and Forming Part of the Financials Statements

9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 284KB

The Consequences of Low Interest Rates for the Australian Banking Sector

21 Dec 2022 RDP 2022-08
Anthony Brassil
Figure 5: Repricing Maturity of Assets and Liabilities. Banks operating in Australia, December 2021. ... A, L and E are the values of banks' assets, liabilities and equity.

Fiscal, Monetary and Macroprudential Regimes: Incentives-Values Compatibility in Constitutional Democracies

28 Dec 2022 Conferences PDF 375KB
RBA Annual Conference 2022