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SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission

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The Changing Role of the Private Sector in China

27 Oct 2016 Conferences PDF 242KB
RBA Conference Volume 2016

RBAFOI-192001 - Documents for Release

4 Sep 2019 PDF 1522KB
Audit of the RBA's gold holdings at the Bank of England and in Sydney

Payments System Board Annual Report 2017 - Abbreviations

12 Sep 2017 PSB Annual Report 2017 PDF 782KB

Recent Developments in Asset Management

16 Jun 2015 Bulletin June Quarter 2015 PDF 224KB

RBAFOI-222320 - Documents for Release

22 Dec 2022 PDF 3854KB
interest rate impacts on various income/wealth quintiles

Monetary Policy

9 Mar 2023 RBA Annual Report – 1961
Advances. Liquid Assets. & Govt. Secs. Special,. S.R.D. A/cs. Percentage of Deposits.

RBAFOI-20216 - Documents for Release

23 Sep 2020 PDF 835KB
Governor meeting with National Cabinet, document regarding infrastructure in the lead up to that meeting

RBAFOI-222313 - Documents for Release

30 Nov 2022 PDF 2102KB
Gold Audit 2022

RBAFOI-212222 - Documents for Release

5 Jun 2022 PDF 1595KB
Documents detailing liaison or business surveys used in preparation of the May 2022 Monetary Policy Statement


31 Dec 2004 RDP 2004-02
Adam Creighton, Luke Gower and Anthony Richards
US Securities and Exchange Commission (2003), ‘Report on the role and function of credit rating agencies in the operation of the securities markets’, available at