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SCCI – Specialist Credit Card Institution

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Debit Cards

20 Sep 2005 PSB Annual Report – 2005
At the time this access regime was being developed, the Bank expected that an SCCI joining the Visa credit card system with the intention of acquiring credit card transactions would also ... If an SCCI is not able to acquire both Visa credit and debit

Credit and Charge Cards

20 Sep 2005 PSB Annual Report – 2005
In addition, MoneySwitch, the first organisation seeking to specialise in the provision of acquiring services (including both credit and debit card acquiring) to merchants was authorised by APRA as an SCCI ... Of the new non-bank entrants, only GE Money

Background | Payment Card Access Regimes: Conclusions – March 2014

9 Mar 2023
A second paper in December 2013 expressed a preliminary view in favour of an option that would remove the existing specialist credit card institution (SCCI) framework, administered by the Australian Prudential ... In addition, the SCCI regime places


2 Oct 2013 PSB Annual Report – 2013
RTGS. Real-time gross settlement. RTPC. Real-Time Payments Committee. SCCI. Specialist Credit Card Institution.

Payments System Board Annual Report 2004 -Glossary

22 Sep 2005 PSB Annual Report 2004 PDF 40KB


12 Sep 2014 PSB Annual Report – 2014
SCCI. Specialist Credit Card Institution. SEPA. Single Euro Payments Area. SSF.

Submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia on The Credit Card Access Regime

5 Nov 2003 PDF 160KB
APRA’s assessment processes and costs could be enhanced for more efficient delivery to intending SCCI’s, and. • ... Organisations contemplating operating as an SCCI are unable to deal with any other regulatory body on such matters.


20 Sep 2005 PSB Annual Report – 2005
The first step in this process was the creation by APRA of a new class of Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) known as a Specialist Credit Card Institution (SCCI). ... The fourth SCCI is currently seeking membership of the credit card schemes in

An Access Regime for the Visa Debit System: A Consultation Document - July 2005

19 Jul 2005 PDF 127KB
Reform of Visa Debit Card Scheme in Australia

Competition and Efficiency

11 Nov 2004 PSB Annual Report – 2004
APRA has been working with a number of organisations interested in pursuing SCCI applications. ... Approval as an SCCI will allow these organisations to apply for participation in the credit card schemes under the provisions of the access regime.