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SAR – Special Administrative Region

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Box A: Global Foreign Exchange Turnover

5 Nov 2004 SMP PDF 124KB
94 88 118Hong Kong SAR 60 90 79 67 102Australia 29 40 47 52 81Switzerland 66 87 82 71 79France 33 58 72 48 64Canada 22 30 37 42 54.

Discussion on From the Asian Miracle to an Asian Century? Economic Transformation in the 2000s and Prospects for the 2010s | Conference –…

24 Jul 2000 Conferences
Based on calculations comprising China, India, Japan, the ASEAN-5 (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) and the four NIEs (Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan) using the IMF

Recent Developments in Asian Bond Markets

19 Jan 2005 Bulletin PDF 157KB
The third initiative is the work being undertaken by EMEAP. EMEAP is a grouping of eleven central banks in east Asia and the Pacific, comprising Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, ... denominated bonds issued by eight of EMEAP’s governments

The Global Financial Environment

29 Sep 2010 FSR - September 2010 PDF 516KB

The Impact of Hedge Funds on Financial Markets: Lessons from the Experience of Australia

7 Dec 2006 Conferences PDF 35KB
RBA Conference Volume 1999

Opening Statement to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics

7 Feb 2020 Speech
Philip Lowe
Speech delivered by Philip Lowe, Governor, Canberra

Statement on Monetary Policy

19 Nov 2003 Bulletin PDF 964KB
By early July, however,the SARS outbreak had been contained andactivity in the affected economies has. ... to the countries mostaffected by SARS have almost fully recoveredand arrivals to the rest of the region have alsorisen, though remain below levels

The Global Financial Environment

27 Mar 2012 FSR – March 2012 PDF 715KB

Global Relative Price Shocks: The Role of Macroecnomic Policies

11 Jan 2010 RDP PDF 199KB
Notes: NIEs (newly industrialised economies) consists of Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan Province of China.

Economic Issues in 2004

3 Mar 2004 Speech
Malcolm Edey
Speech by Malcolm Edey to the Australian Industry Group, Economy 2004 - Forecasting Industry Prospects Forum, Sydney