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RBA Glossary definition for Real interest rate

Real interest rate – The real interest rate refers to the cost of borrowing money (i.e. the nominal interest rate) net of inflation. It takes account of the fact that part of the nominal interest that borrowers pay to lenders represents compensation for anticipated inflation. The remaining �real� component better reflects the economic cost of borrowing and the return to lending.

RBA Glossary definition for interest rate

interest rate – The term used to describe the cost of borrowing money or the return to the owner of the funds which are invested or lent out. It is usually expressed as a percent per annum of the amount of money borrowed, lent or invested.

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Reserve Bank of Australia

4 Oct 2023
We are Australia's central bank. We conduct monetary policy, work to maintain a strong financial system and issue the nation's currency.

Statement by Michele Bullock, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision

3 Oct 2023 Media Releases
At its meeting today, the Board decided to leave the cash rate target unchanged at 4.10 per cent and the interest rate paid on Exchange Settlement balances unchanged at 4.00 per cent.

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The Australian Economy and Financial Markets

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28 Sep 2023 Bulletin
Insights into the economy and financial system from teams throughout the Reserve Bank of Australia

Visa Submission

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over-year reduction in fraud rates for digital payments compared to PAN-based. ... underlying credentials in real-time to respond to fraud or card lifecycle events.

Competition, Markups, and Inflation: Evidence from Australian Firm-level Data

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RBA Annual Conference 2023

Monetary Policy Frameworks Away from the ELB

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