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RITS – The Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System (RITS) was established in August 1991 and is operated by the Reserve Bank of Australia. RITS is Australia's Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system, which plays a central role in the Australian payments clearing and settlement system.

RITS is the means by which Exchange Settlement Accounts are accessed and membership is compulsory for all Australian-licensed banks and participants in the Reserve Bank's domestic market operations.

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Specific Enquiries | Contacts

1 Jun 2023
This page lists phone and email addresses for the Reserve Bank of Australia

About RITS

20 Mar 2023
A general overview and information papers concerning RITS and its structure

RITS Legal Framework

14 Apr 2023
Regulations and membership agreements

Contact RITS

9 Mar 2023
Contact information for RITS Members regarding operational assistance or matters relating to the business aspects of RITS and RITS operating hours

RITS Membership

9 Mar 2023
Applying for membership, list of current Members and fees


1 Jul 2019
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RITS Membership List

25 Oct 2022
List of current RITS Members

Assessments of RITS

30 May 2023
Listing of publications relating to the assessments of RITS

RITS Schedule of Fees

6 Oct 2021
List of all fees associated with RITS

Self-assessment of RITS against the Principles | 2013 Self-assessment of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System

9 Mar 2023
Self-assessment of RITS against the Principles. Download the complete Document 1.3. ... 4.1 Structure and Organisation of RITS. RITS is owned and operated by the Bank and, since it is not operated as a separate legal entity, the management and operation