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RFC – Registered Financial Corporation

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Money – Born of Credit?

19 Sep 2018 Speech
Christopher Kent
Speech delivered by Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), at the Reserve Bank's Topical Talks Event for Educators, Sydney

Discussion of Bank Funding and Financial Stability

19 Dec 2013 Conferences PDF 86KB
RBA Conference Volume 2013

Domestic Financial Markets

10 Feb 2020 SMP PDF 1799KB
Statement of Monetary Policy - August 2017

Promoting Liquidity: Why and How?

2 Dec 2009 RDP PDF 484KB
Reserve Bank of Australia. Reserve Bank of AustraliaEconomic Research Department. 2008. -06. RESEARCHDISCUSSIONPAPER. Promoting Liquidity: Why and How? Jonathan Kearns andPhilip Lowe. RDP 2008-06. Promoting Liquidity: why and how? Jonathan Kearns

Discussion on Bank Funding and Financial Stability | Conference – 2013

19 Aug 2013 Conferences
In a recent paper, Calomiris et al (2012) describe how until March 1933, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) rescued troubled Michigan banks mostly with secured loans, for which they required the

Developments in the Australian Repo Market

15 Sep 2016 Bulletin – September 2016
Chris Becker, Ashley Fang and Jin Cong Wang
The market for repurchase agreements (repos) – where cash is borrowed and lent using securities as collateral – plays an important role in the implementation of monetary policy and as a source of finance for the bond market. The Reserve Bank has

Financial Corporations Act 1974

27 Jun 2002 Media Releases
Orders made under powers of the Governor under the Financial Corporations Act 1974

Explanatory Note on Changes to Monetary Aggregates Data

31 May 2006 Statistics
The changes mean that these instruments are now treated identically for ADIs and RFCs. ... Broad money is defined as M3 plus non-deposit borrowings from the private sector by all financial intermediaries (AFIs), less the holdings of currency and bank

Changes to Bulletin Tables

20 Jan 2010 Statistics PDF 136KB
2000 to 2009 Bulletin issues

Bulletin September Quarter 2017

10 Feb 2020 Bulletin September Quarter 2017 PDF 5960KB