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RFC – Registered Financial Corporation

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RBAFOI-192017 - Documents for Release

13 Jan 2020 PDF 9252KB
non-ADI lending

Shadow Banking – International and Domestic Developments

19 Mar 2015 Bulletin – March 2015
Josef Manalo, Kate McLoughlin and Carl Schwartz
One of the lessons from the global financial crisis is that systemic risk to the financial system can arise from outside the regular banking system, in so-called ‘shadow banking’. This article reviews post-crisis international and domestic

Developments in the Structure of the Australian Financial System

10 Jun 2011 Bulletin – June 2011
Bernadette Donovan and Adam Gorajek
Graph 5. Registered financial corporations (or RFCs) intermediate between lenders and borrowers, but they are not authorised to accept deposits, instead funding themselves through wholesale debt instruments. ... As well, RFCs are subject to the same

Box B: The Shadow Banking System in Australia

29 Sep 2010 FSR - September 2010 PDF 183KB

Financial Aggregates April 2003

30 May 2003 Statistics
Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001. ; these entities are collectively referred to as Registered Financial Corporations (RFCs). ... Nevertheless, there may be some increased volatility in growth rates as RFCs adjust to the new arrangements.

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10 Mar 2015 FSR – March 2015
Graph 2.17: RFC Assets by Leverage Ratio.

Non-bank Lending in Australia and the Implications for Financial Stability

16 Mar 2023 Bulletin – March 2023
Callum Hudson, Samuel Kurian and Michelle Lewis
Non-bank lenders help to finance some forms of economic activity that might otherwise go unfinanced by traditional banks.

The Australian Financial System

10 Mar 2013 FSR – March 2013
There are currently over 300 RFCs, but, in aggregate, their share of total domestic financial system assets is small and has been declining over time (Graph 2.19). ... For example, RFCs' overall borrowing from, and lending to, banks are each equivalent

Identifying Repo Market Microstructure from Securities Transactions Data

13 Aug 2018 RDP PDF 2622KB
Identifying Repo Market Microstructure from Securities Transactions Data. Nicholas Garvin. Research Discussion Paper. R D P 2018- 09. Figures in this publication were generated using Mathematica. The contents of this publication shall not be

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10 Mar 2012 FSR – March 2012
Graph D2: Distribution of RFCs' Leverage Ratios.