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RBA – Reserve Bank of Australia. Australia's central bank, the body corporate successor to the Commonwealth Bank established in 1912; created under its new name by the Reserve Bank Act 1959.

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16 Jun 2023
Listing of RBA publications including: Statement on Monetary Policy; Reserve Bank Bulletin; Financial Stability Review; Annual Reports; Research Discussion Papers; Conferences; Research Workshop; Occasional Papers and Other Reports; Submissions to

Risk Management Policy

4 Sep 2023
The aim of the Reserve Bank's risk management policy is to ensure a co-ordinated approach to managing non-policy risks within the Reserve Bank of Australia that is consistent with the Bank achieving its policy and operating objectives in an

Copyright and Disclaimer Notice

9 Mar 2023
Copyright and Disclaimer Notice for Reserve Bank of Australia website

Supporting the Economy and Financial System in Response to COVID-19

9 Mar 2023
The Term Funding Facility, RBA. Bulletin. , December 2020. AOFM's Structured Finance Support Fund.

Statement on Monetary Policy

9 Mar 2023 SMP
The Reserve Bank issues a Statement on Monetary Policy four times a year. These statements assess current economic conditions and the prospects for inflation and output growth. These statements have replaced the Semi-Annual Statements on Monetary

Consultations | Consultations

16 Jun 2023 Consultations
Index of Consultations

Government | Chart Pack

6 Sep 2023 Chart Pack
A set of graphs on Government from the Chart Pack

Exchange Rates | Chart Pack

6 Sep 2023 Chart Pack
A set of graphs on Exchange Rates from the Chart Pack

Annual Reports

9 Mar 2023 Annual Report
Annual Reports. The Reserve Bank prepares an annual report of its activities and financial statements and the Payments System Board issues its own annual report. The Reserve Bank Annual Report is tabled in parliament. View the latest annual reports:.

Monetary Policy

18 Sep 2023
Information about the Reserve Bank's monetary policy framework and the effect of that policy on the Australian economy. Includes: Statements on Monetary Policy, Testimonies before the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics; the