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RBA – Reserve Bank of Australia. Australia's central bank, the body corporate successor to the Commonwealth Bank established in 1912; created under its new name by the Reserve Bank Act 1959.

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Chart Pack

6 Sep 2023 Chart Pack
A set of graphs, updated monthly, summarising macroeconomic and financial market trends in Australia and information about developments for our main trading partners

Our People

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
97. 623. 1,428. (a) Excludes NPA. Source: RBA. The Reserve Bank is committed to achieving gender equity at all levels, including in management positions. ... 0. 0. Source: RBA. The Reserve Bank is a Licensed Authority under the.

Videos | Education

4 May 2023
5 April 2022. Four RBA economists discuss some of the economics concepts they find interesting and useful. ... possible. So the RBA's balance sheet expanded in Australia for a number of reasons.

Coming Up

22 Sep 2023
RBA. Bulletin. 14 December 2023 11.30 am AEDT. Minutes of December 2023 Monetary Policy Meeting of the Reserve Bank Board.

Changes to Statistical Tables

4 Sep 2023 Statistics
B2. 9 June 2023. Reserve Bank of Australia Balance Sheet. RBA Balance Sheet – A1. ... The forthcoming June 2022 RBA Bulletin article ‘Bank Fees in Australia’ will provide further information on changes in reporting.


27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
7.4. 6.7. (a) Financial years up to June 2021. Source: RBA. ... See Mann L and S Roche (2022), Recent Trends in Banknote Counterfeiting, RBA.

Schedule of All Releases

22 Sep 2023
Schedule of All Releases. Data produced by the Reserve Bank will generally be available at 11.30 am, released in accordance with a published schedule. Data produced by other organisations will generally be updated on this website at 11.30 am one

Operations in Financial Markets

12 Apr 2020 RBA Annual Report – 2020
3. 6. 18. 3. 18. Source: RBA. A small component of the Reserve Bank's net foreign currency reserves sits outside the benchmark framework. ... Source: RBA. In February 2020, the Reserve Bank renewed its bilateral local currency swap agreement with the

Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2021

21 Oct 2021 Annual Report
Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2021. Download the complete Report 6.50. MB. Also available at the Australian Government's46. KB. 78. KB. Part 1: About the Reserve Bank. 127. KB. 177. KB. The Reserve Bank is an independent central bank,


9 Mar 2023
The Reserve Bank of Australia respects the privacy of the individuals who interact with it or whose personal information it collects indirectly, and is committed to protecting the privacy of those individuals. This Policy sets out some key