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Pillar 3 – The New Basel Capital Accord, issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, aims to improve the flexibility and risk sensitivity of the existing Accord. The New Accord consists of three mutually reinforcing pillars. Pillar 3 recommends requirements aimed at enhancing market discipline through effective disclosure of information to market participants.

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2 May 2023
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Banking Concentration, Financial Stability and Public Policy | Conference – 2007

20 Aug 2007 Conferences
Kevin Davis
Since the late 1980s, Australian governments have articulated a position which prohibits the possibility of mergers between the four major banks, known since 1997 as the four pillars. ... Any discussion of the future of the four pillars policy requires

The Sub-prime Crisis: Causal Distortions and Regulatory Reform | Conference – 2008

14 Jul 2008 Conferences
Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Paul Atkinson
Problems with capital regulation under Pillar 1, the extent to which Pillars 2 and 3 might be expected to help and the problems of ‘anticipation’ affecting what banks did in respect ... Pillar 3 relies on disclosure and market discipline to help

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10 Sep 2012 FSR – September 2012
Sources: ABS; APRA; RBA. Table 2.3: Assets of Domestic Funds Management Institutions. ... Sources: APRA; RBA; banks' Basel II Pillar 3 reports. Table A1: Offshore Short-term Debt Funding of Banks in Australia.

The Evolution of Risk and Risk Management – A Prudential Regulator's Perspective | Conference – 2007

20 Aug 2007 Conferences
John Laker
There are also significant differences in the relativities between modelled economic capital numbers and equivalent Pillar 1 regulatory capital estimates. ... less attention than the credit, operational and market risks covered by Pillar 1.

Population Ageing, the Structure of Financial Markets and Policy Implications | Conference – 2006

23 Jul 2006 Conferences
W Todd Groome, Nicolas Blancher, Parmeshwar Ramlogan and Oksana Khadarina
First, some countries have taken, or are considering, steps to strengthen the financial position of pension plans, including Pillar 1 pension plans, and public health care systems. ... When considering the government as an insurer of last resort for

RBAFOI-111203 - Documents 61-69 (of 69)

3 Apr 2013 PDF 1469KB
housing data

Banking Concentration, Financial Stability and Public Policy

20 Nov 2007 Conferences PDF 191KB
RBA Conference Volume 2007

The Consequences of Low Interest Rates for the Australian Banking Sector

21 Dec 2022 RDP 2022-08
Anthony Brassil
Section 3 will explore the literature through the lens of banks' balance sheets. ... Both of these mechanisms featured in Australia as interest rates fell (Figure 3).

The Australian Financial System in the 1990s | Conference – 2000

21 Jun 1990 Conferences
Marianne Gizycki and Philip Lowe
This has been dubbed the ‘four-pillars’ policy. Following the rejection of the ANZ/National Mutual merger, the two institutions formed a strategic alliance to cross-sell products. ... With the six-pillars policy in place, the major banks relied