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RBA Glossary definition for PSB

PSB – Payments System Board. Created in 1998, within the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). The PSB is responsible for determining the RBA's payments system policy so as to best contribute to: controlling risk in the financial system; promoting the efficiency of the payments system; and promoting competition in the market for payment services, consistent with the overall stability of the financial system. Powers to carry out the PSB's policies are vested in the RBA.

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Bulletin March Quarter 2019

20 Apr 2023 Bulletin - March 2019 PDF 4430KB

Submissions on Changes to the Bank's Standards for Card Payment Systems | Submissions | Payments & Infrastructure

9 Mar 2023
Payments System Board Submissions on Changes to the Bank's Standards for Card Payment Systems

2020 Assessment of the Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System – Material Developments

9 Mar 2023
The Steering Committee will provide regular updates on progress to the APC, the Payments System Board (PSB), the AusPayNet Board and the HVCS Management Committee.

Submission to Payments System Review – January 2021 | Responses and Options Paper

25 May 2023 Submissions
The PSB also informs the Government of its policies through a number of channels. ... Consistent with its statutory obligations, the PSB consults widely before introducing any formal regulatory requirements.

PSB Board Annual Report 2019 - Accountability and Communication

14 Oct 2019 Annual Report PDF 353KB
PSB Board Annual Report 2019

Developments in the Financial System Architecture

20 Apr 2016 FSR – April 2016
The Government also supported the PSB progressing its Review of Card Payments Regulation. ... As discussed in previous Reviews, the PSB has been undertaking a review of the framework for the regulation of card payments.

Financial Technology and Payments Regulation

8 Jul 2018 Speech
Michele Bullock
Speech delivered by Michele Bullock, Assistant Governor, Financial System, at the 5th Bund Summit on Fintech, Shanghai

Payments System Board Annual Report – 2020

15 Oct 2020 PSB Annual Report 2020

Fast Retail Payment Systems

17 Dec 2014 Bulletin December Quarter 2014 PDF 3057KB

The Way We Pay: Now and in the Future

4 Jun 2014 Speech
Anthony Richards
Speech by Tony Richards to the Australian Savings & Deposits Conference 2014, Sydney