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RBA Glossary definition for PIN

PIN – Personal Identification Number

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Discussion of Liquidity, Financial Crises and the Lender of Last Resort – How Much of a Departure is the Sub-prime Crisis?

22 Oct 2008 Conferences PDF 66KB
RBA Conference Volume 2008

Background | Variation to the MasterCard and Visa Access Regimes: Details-stage Regulation Impact Statement – March 2014

9 Mar 2023
When the cardholder presents a card to the merchant, and authorises the transaction (for example, by the use of signature or a PIN), the merchant provides the relevant goods or services

Explanatory Notes for Completing Retail Payments Statistics Forms

28 Feb 2023 PDF 1009KB
The transaction may involve the cardholder entering a PIN (or in some circumstances a signature) and contactless payments. ... acceptance terminal and any paper-based back-up arrangements. The transaction. may or may not involve the cardholder entering a

Panic, Pandemic and Payment Preferences

3 Jun 2020 Speech
Michele Bullock
Speech delivered by Michele Bullock, Assistant Governor (Financial System), Morgan Stanley Disruption Evolved Webcast, Sydney

How Australians Pay: New Survey Evidence

16 Mar 2017 Bulletin – March 2017
Mary-Alice Doyle, Chay Fisher, Ed Tellez and Anirudh Yadav
The Reserve Bank's 2016 Consumer Payments Survey showed that Australian consumers are increasingly using their debit or credit cards instead of paying in cash or writing cheques. While more and more small payments are being made with contactless

Developments in the Payments System

11 Sep 2008 PSB Annual Report – 2008
where high card-not-present fraud was experienced in conjunction with the introduction of chip and PIN security for point-of-sale transactions. ... chip and PIN in the United Kingdom, there has been an increase in fraud committed in Australia on

Relative Advance or Relative Decline?

17 Jul 2002 Bulletin PDF 70KB
This is a moredifficult concept to pin down, although I donot wish to dismiss it as a concern.

Equilibrium Determinacy

31 Dec 2011 RDP 2011-02
Callum Jones and Mariano Kulish
t. , and an expected path of the long rate,. These paths simultaneously pin down the current level of the short rate,. ... that pin down interest rates of shorter and longer maturities.

Background | Reform of the EFTPOS and Visa Debit Systems in Australia: Final Reforms and Regulation Impact Statement

9 Mar 2023
In the EFTPOS system, a cardholder undertakes a transaction at a merchant by swiping a card and then keying in a personal identification number (PIN). ... The EFTPOS system is not able to be used in situations in which a PIN cannot be entered into a

A Monetary Union in Asia? Some European Lessons | Conference – 2001

24 Jul 2001 Conferences
Charles Wyplosz
RBA Annual Conference – 2001 A Monetary Union in Asia? Some European Lessons Charles Wyplosz. 1. Introduction. Some ten years ago the European Union countries agreed in Maastricht to launch a monetary union. To many, the project was deemed