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RBA Glossary definition for PIN

PIN – Personal Identification Number

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Gresham's Law of Payments

23 Mar 2005 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Speech by Ian Macfarlane to the Australasian Institute of Banking + Finance (AIBF) Industry Forum 2005, Sydney

Developments in the Payments System

13 Sep 2007 PSB Annual Report – 2007
In 2006, however, the industry initiated a project to introduce PINs for credit card transactions. ... Consumers' familiarity with PIN use in the EFTPOS system is likely to encourage a relatively rapid take-up of PINs for credit card transactions.

Consumer And Merchant Benefits Of Cardholding And Use | Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia: II Commissioned Report

9 Mar 2023
On-line debit refers to debit cards that require the buyer to type his or her Personal Identification Number (PIN) on a PIN pad as part of the authorization process.

Background | Variation to the MasterCard and Visa Access Regimes: Details-stage Regulation Impact Statement – March 2014

9 Mar 2023
When the cardholder presents a card to the merchant, and authorises the transaction (for example, by the use of signature or a PIN), the merchant provides the relevant goods or services

How Australians Pay: New Survey Evidence

16 Mar 2017 Bulletin – March 2017
Mary-Alice Doyle, Chay Fisher, Ed Tellez and Anirudh Yadav
The Reserve Bank's 2016 Consumer Payments Survey showed that Australian consumers are increasingly using their debit or credit cards instead of paying in cash or writing cheques. While more and more small payments are being made with contactless

Merchant Payment Costs and Least-cost Routing

13 Dec 2017 Speech
Anthony Richards
Speech delivered by Tony Richards, Head of Payments Policy, at the Australian Payment Summit 2017, Sydney

Background to Reforms | Reform of the EFTPOS and Visa Debit Systems in Australia: A Consultation Document – February 2005

9 Mar 2023
The details of the transaction and PIN are forwarded to the cardholder's financial institution for authorisation. ... the expense of PIN-based debit cards because they offered a very similar service at a lower price to the cardholder.

Relative Advance or Relative Decline?

17 Jul 2002 Bulletin PDF 70KB
This is a moredifficult concept to pin down, although I donot wish to dismiss it as a concern.

The Evolution of Payment Costs in Australia

11 Apr 2019 RDP PDF 1298KB
The move from signature authentication to PINs for American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa cards (eftpos has always been PIN-only). ... Signature- and PIN-based card transactions are reported by merchants to be slower than cash but

Discussion of Relative Price Shocks, Inflation Expectations, and the Role of Monetary Policy

10 May 2010 Conferences PDF 192KB
RBA Conference Volume 2009