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PIN – Personal Identification Number

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Macrofinancial Stress Testing on Australian Banks

13 Sep 2023 RDP PDF 1940KB
Macrofinancial Stress Testing on Australian Banks. Nicholas Garvin, Samuel Kurian, Mike Major and David Norman. Research Discussion Paper. R DP 2022- 03. Figures in this publication were generated using Mathematica. ISSN 1448-5109 (Online). The

Job Loss, Subjective Expectations and Household Spending

18 Aug 2021 RDP 2021-08
Gabrielle Penrose and Gianni La Cava
We do not pin down the mechanism that explains these differences across workers, though we provide some tentative evidence suggesting that optimism could be part of the story.
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The Real Effects of Debt Covenants: Evidence from Australia

25 Oct 2022 RDP 2022-05
Kim Nguyen
Similarly, I attempt to pin down the ex post effect by comparing the control group (previously and currently exposed to debt covenants but no breaches) with the treatment group (previously and

Bulletin August 2001 – Statement on Monetary Policy

10 Aug 2001 Bulletin
Reserve Bank Bulletin – August 2001 Statement on Monetary Policy. Download the complete Statement 935. KB. The Australian economy resumed growth during the first half of 2001, after a small downward adjustment in the second half of 2000 associated


9 Mar 2023 RDP 2022-04
When using structural vector autoregression (SVAR) models, researchers have traditionally imposed identifying restrictions that are sufficient to pin down the responses to the shocks of interest, in which case we say


6 May 2018 RDP 2018-05
Jonathan Hambur and Gianni La Cava
But even in micro data studies it can be hard to pin down the causal effect of interest rates on investment.
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Gresham's Law of Payments

23 Mar 2005 Speech
Ian Macfarlane
Speech by Ian Macfarlane to the Australasian Institute of Banking + Finance (AIBF) Industry Forum 2005, Sydney

Interchange Fees | Reform of the EFTPOS and Visa Debit Systems in Australia: A Consultation Document – February 2005

9 Mar 2023
EFTPOS transactions, on the other hand, have low fraud costs due to the EFTPOS system being PIN based. ... cent as issuing banks were persuaded to issue scheme-based cards rather than PIN debit cards.

Payments System Reform: The Australian Experience

17 May 2005 Bulletin PDF 53KB
Remarks by Dr Philip Lowe, Assistant Governor (Financial System) for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Conference on 'Interchange Fees in Credit and Debit Card Industries: What Role for Public Authorities? Santa Fe, 4-6 May 2005

Gresham’s Law of Payments

19 Apr 2005 Bulletin PDF 49KB
Address by Governor to Australian Institute of Banking and Finance Industry Forum 2005, Sydney, 23 March 2005