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PBS – Permanent Building Societies

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Demutualisation in Australia

10 Jan 1999 Bulletin – January 1999
Jun 85. 2,123. 103. Civic Co-operative PBS. Civic Advance Bank. Jun 86. ... May 93. 96. 3. Pioneer PBS. Aug 93. 90. 1. First Provincial BS.

Returns on Equity, Cost of Equity and the Implications for Banks

16 Mar 2017 Bulletin – March 2017
David Norman
Returns on equity for the major Australian banks have declined of late, following equity raisings in 2015. At the same time, estimates of the cost of raising new equity appear to have fallen very little, despite large declines in risk-free rates.


9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Historical Series Breaks

9 Mar 2023 Statistics
This page details breaks in data series due to the establishment of new banks and other changes in reporting arrangements

High Frequency Trading in Foreign Exchange Markets

12 Oct 2011 Speech
Guy Debelle
Speech by Guy Debelle to the ACI High Frequency Trading Conference , Sydney

The Australian Labour Market in the 2000s: The Quiet Decade | Conference – 2011

24 Jul 2000 Conferences
Jeff Borland
2013). The Pension Bonus Scheme (PBS) for deferral of retirement was introduced in 1998, along with a reduced taper rate and increase in the free area in 2000; both designed to ... In 2009 the PBS was closed and replaced with a Work Bonus Scheme, and the


1 May 2021 RDP 2021-05
Joan Huang and John Simon
Goldman SR and JA Rakestraw, Jr (2000), ‘Structural Aspects of Constructing Meaning from Text’, in ML Kamil, PB Mosenthal, PD Pearson and R Barr (eds), Handbook of Reading Research: Volume III,
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Loan Rate Stickiness: Theory and Evidence

31 Jan 2006 RDP PDF 819KB
Since pb is less than pa, some of A's borrowers (and potential borrowers) will switch to B. ... Using equation (3)' equation (4) can be rewritten,. For a symmetric equilibrium, pa = pb = p and o" = ob = 1/2.


31 Dec 2004 RDP 2004-04
Markus Hyvonen
Kenen PB (1995), Economic and Monetary Union in Europe: Moving Beyond Maastricht, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.


31 Dec 2002 RDP 2002-07
Matthew Gray, Alexandra Heath and Boyd Hunter
Levine PB (1993), ‘A Comparison of Contemporaneous and Retrospective Measures of Unemployment from the Current Population Survey’, Monthly Labor Review, 116(8), pp 33–38.