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PAN – Primary account number

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

The Rise in Household Liquidity

10 Nov 2021 RDP 2021-10
Gianni La Cava and Lydia Wang
Gianni La Cava and Lydia Wang. November 2021. 1.71. MB. We would like to thank Alex Ballantyne, Anthony Brassil, James Graham, Jonathan Kearns, Amanda Martz, David Norman, Isaac Pan,
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Regulatory Challenges of Cross-border Banking: Possible Ways Forward | Conference – 2007

20 Aug 2007 Conferences
Stefan Ingves
Still, even in Europe, it is not very likely that a fully fledged pan-European supervisor can be established in the near future. ... The limited number of truly pan-European banks would on the other hand be dealt with by the EOFS.

A Monetary Union in Asia? Some European Lessons

26 Nov 2006 Conferences PDF 201KB
RBA Conference Volume 2001

Australian Financial Markets

25 Feb 2001 Bulletin PDF 82KB
SE. uro. Tai. wan. Ger. man. yJa. pan. UK. Japa. nG. ... erm. any. Japa. nJa. pan. ese. yen. Ger. man. yJa. pan.

Discussion on The Evolution of Risk and Risk Management – A Prudential Regulator's Perspective | Conference – 2007

20 Aug 2007 Conferences
Stefan Ingves' proposal for a new pan-European body to supervise the crossborder activities of European banks generated considerable debate. ... Stefan reiterated that his proposal was aimed at preventing crises. Some also expressed the view that

Asian Bond Fund – Second Stage (ABF2)

16 Dec 2004 Media Releases
The Reserve Bank of Australia announces that it will invest US million of its foreign exchange reserves in the newly created EMEAP Asian Bond Fund 2 (ABF2)

EMEAP Press Statement

12 May 2005 Media Release
The Reserve Bank of Australia, together with the other ten central banks and monetary authorities from East Asia and the Pacific which make up the EMEAP Group today announced that the Asian Bond Fund 2 (ABF2) has moved into its implementation phase

Regulatory Challenges of Cross-border Banking: Possible Ways Forward

20 Nov 2007 Conferences PDF 94KB
RBA Conference Volume 2007

Financial Corporations Act 1974

2 Jan 1998 Media Releases
Orders made under powers of the Governor under the Financial Corporations Act 1974