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ORA – Official reserve asset. The Reserve Bank of Australia's holdings of foreign exchange, Special Drawing Rights and gold, and Australia's shareholding in the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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Official Reserve Assets – May 2023

7 Jun 2023 Statistics
Table 1: Official Reserve Assets. (A$ million). This table presents Australian dollar data on the level and composition of the Reserve Bank's Official Reserve Assets (ORA) holdings as at the ... Total ORA is disaggregated into foreign exchange, Special


2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Reporting Australia's Foreign Reserve Holdings

7 Dec 2017 Bulletin – December 2017
Chris Potter
The Reserve Bank of Australia reports details of Australia's official reserve assets, foreign currency liquidity and net foreign reserves on a monthly basis. This article details changes that will make the Bank's reporting methodology consistent

Australia's Financial Relationship with the International Monetary Fund

10 Dec 2012 Bulletin – December 2012
Emily Poole
However, the composition of Australia's ORA changes, with foreign exchange reserves falling and the Reserve Position at the IMF rising. ... In either case, these transactions change the composition but not the level of Australia's ORA.

Australia’s Financial Relationship with the International Monetary Fund

18 Dec 2012 Bulletin PDF 292KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin December 2012

Bulletin December Quarter 2017

10 Feb 2020 Bulletin PDF 6688KB
The composition of ORA is published separately via a press release each month. ... Gold loans I. Include all gold holdings in ORA (including gold on loan).

Current Economic Developments in Australia - a Broad Perspective

13 Feb 2003 Bulletin PDF 503KB
While some‘one-off ’ factors are likely to push thepublished (or ‘headline’) rate to 3 per cent ora little higher over the next year, we believethe ‘underlying’ rate will be held

Retail Central Bank Digital Currency: Design Considerations and Rationales

15 Oct 2020 Speech PDF 284KB
US dollar) ora common store of value (such as gold), to make them more attractive as a means of payment.

Implications of the IMF's SDR Allocation for Australia and the Global Economy

9 Dec 2021 Bulletin – December 2021
Ben Hollebon and Kate Hickie
As part of the global policy response to address the economic challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, in August 2021 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) allocated US billion worth of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to its members,


18 Apr 2015 RDP PDF 632KB
ORA. 2. The Money Market. The deregulation of deposit-taking by banks can be.