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OPA – Official Public Account

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Banking and Payment Services

21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
The consolidation of balances requires the movement of agency account balances, held with commercial financial institutions and with the Reserve Bank, into the Official Public Account (OPA). ... Daily payment instructions from the Department of Finance

Banking and Payment Services

9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 351KB


21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
OPA. Official Public Account. PEXA. Property Exchange Australia Limited. PFMI. Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures.

RBA Annual Report 2000 - Glossary

22 Feb 2001 Annual Report PDF 17KB
opa official public account. rba reserve bank of australia. rdp research discussion paper.

Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2021 - Abbreviations

18 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report 2021 PDF 35KB


28 Jul 2004 RBA Annual Report – 2004
OPA. Official Public Account. RBA. Reserve Bank of Australia. RBRF. Reserve Bank Reserve Fund.

RBA Annual Report 1999 - Glossary

21 Feb 2001 Annual Report PDF 78KB
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. OPA Official Public Account.

RBA Annual Report - Glossary

3 Sep 2003 Annual Report PDF 34KB
OFC Offshore financial centre. OH&S Occupational health & safety. OPA Official public account.

RBA Annual Report - Glossary

27 Aug 2014 RBA Annual Report 2004 PDF 36KB

Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2010 - Glossary

26 Oct 2010 RBA Annual Report 2010 PDF 50KB