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RBA Glossary definition for OMO

OMO – Open Market Operation

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Recent Developments in Federal Reserve System Liquidity and Reserve Operations

22 Oct 2008 Conferences PDF 168KB
RBA Conference Volume 2008


21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
OAM. Medal of the Order of Australia. OMO. open market operations.

Domestic Financial Conditions

5 May 2023 SMP - May 2023 PDF 2572KB

Australian Money Markets through the COVID-19 Pandemic

17 Mar 2022 Bulletin – March 2022
Ahmet Aziz, Calebe de Roure, Paul Hutchinson and Samual Nightingale
Money markets are used by banks and other entities to borrow and lend funds for short terms, and are central to the implementation and transmission of monetary policy in Australia.

Credit, Money, Interest and Prices

26 Nov 2018 Research Workshop PDF 1403KB
The model delivers an analytic expression for the real credit spread as a functionpolicy corridor spread and OMO. ... Next,we establish that the CB can control the liquidity ratio via a choice of OMO’s.

Recent Changes to the Reserve Bank's Liquidity Operations

9 Dec 2021 Bulletin – December 2021
Sean Dowling
The Reserve Bank’s policy measures to support the economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly increased liquidity in the banking system.

Domestic Financial Conditions

5 May 2023 SMP – May 2023
Domestic Financial Conditions | Statement on Monetary Policy – May 2023

Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2019 - Abbreviations

14 Oct 2019 RBA Annual Report 2019 PDF 241KB

Domestic Financial Conditions

6 May 2022 SMP – May 2022
This operational change was announced in February to ensure that the Bank's OMO continues to support liquidity as intended as conditions in money markets evolve over time. ... Demand for short-term liquidity obtained at OMO has been little changed and

Domestic Financial Conditions

9 Feb 2023 SMP - February 2023 PDF 2651KB