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RBA Glossary definition for Numismatics

Numismatics – Numismatics is generally defined as the collecting of coins, commemorative or military medals and, more recently, the collecting of banknotes.

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Numismatic Note Arrangements

1 Feb 2007 Media Releases
Announces that the Reserve Bank of Australia has changed arrangements for the sale and distribution of numismatic currency notes

Numismatic Banknote Sales

20 Aug 2009 Media Releases
For a limited period of time, numismatic banknotes will be sold by the Reserve Bank of Australia

Appointment to Auction Numismatic Banknotes

15 Aug 2007 Media Releases
Announcement that the Reserve Bank of Australia has appointed to Auction Numismatic Banknotes

Specific Enquiries | Contacts

1 Jun 2023
This page lists phone and email addresses for the Reserve Bank of Australia


9 Jun 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website


9 Mar 2023
Currency Note information including: Role of the Reserve Bank; Notes in Circulation; Note and Coin Statistics; Legal Framework; Damaged Notes; Security Features and Counterfeit Detection; History of the Note Issue; Note Production; How the RBA


16 Oct 2015 RBA Annual Report – 2015
To enable the Reserve Bank to focus its resources on the NGB project, a decision was made in 2015 to discontinue numismatic banknote sales for the current polymer series.


24 Oct 2016 RBA Annual Report – 2016
Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2016 Banknotes. The Reserve Bank is responsible for producing and issuing Australia's banknotes. The Bank seeks to ensure there are sufficient high-quality banknotes in circulation to maintain confidence


16 Oct 2013 RBA Annual Report – 2013
The Reserve Bank conducted numismatic banknote sales in July and August 2013 for all denominations of banknotes produced in 2012.

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31 Jul 2023
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