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RBA Glossary definition for Net interest margin

Net interest margin – A measure of the difference between a bank�s interest earnings and interest expenses, expressed as a proportion of their interest-earning assets.

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Banks' Funding Costs and Lending Rates

10 Mar 2012 Bulletin – March 2012
Cameron Deans and Chris Stewart
Lending rates have generally fallen by more than funding costs which, all else being equal, would imply that the major banks' net interest margins have contracted a little. ... However, while lending rates and funding costs are important determinants,

Developments in Banks' Funding Costs and Lending Rates

22 Mar 2013 Bulletin – March 2013
Benn Robertson and Anthony Rush
This article updates previous Reserve Bank research on changes in the composition and cost of banks' funding and the impact of these changes on lending rates (Deans and Stewart 2012). The main findings are that the absolute levels of funding costs

Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
Household and Business Finances. Interest Rates. Exchange Rates. Share Markets.

Changes to Statistical Tables

24 May 2023 Statistics
Their definitions will also change to only net short-term forward FX commitments. ... Lending rates; Securitised housing loans; Average outstanding variable rate; Owner-occupier; Interest Only.

Is Monetary Policy Less Effective When Interest Rates Are Persistently Low? | Conference – 2017

16 Mar 2017 Conferences
Claudio Borio and Boris Hofmann
Genay and Podjasek (2014) also find that persistently low interest rates depress US banks' net interest margins. ... Importantly, it also holds when financial crises are controlled for. And it operates through the effect of lower rates on net interest


2 May 2023
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The Effects of Funding Costs and Risk on Banks' Lending Rates

10 Mar 2011 Bulletin – March 2011
Daniel Fabbro and Mark Hack
Australian banks' net interest margins are largely driven by movements in interest rates on loans relative to debt funding costs. ... While the net interest margins of the individual major banks differ, the average margin for these banks has fluctuated

Handout and Supplementary Information Prepared for Standing Committee on Economics – September 2016 | Bank Fees and Margins | Submissions

22 Sep 2016 Submissions
Handout and Supplementary Information Prepared for Standing Committee on Economics – September 2016

Notes to and Forming Part of the Financials Statements

27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
Cash collateral received. 386. 1. 0.2. 495,535. 411. 0.1. Net interest margin. ... 4,432. 1.3. Interest expense. 224,991. 147. 0.1. Net interest margin. 1.3.

Competition: Profitability and Margins | Conference – 1991

21 Jun 1991 Conferences
Les Phelps
The net interest margin suffered badly in 1989 due to non-receipt of LDC interest. ... The use of ratios of operating costs and net interest income to average assets as measures of efficiency and margins is useful for comparing one six months with another