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NSFR – Net Stable Funding Ratio

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Australian Capital Flows

15 Jun 2017 Bulletin – June 2017
Susan Black, Blair Chapman and Callan Windsor
Capital inflows have underpinned the expansion of Australia's productive capacity for the past 200 years or more. Recently, there have been three noteworthy changes in the composition of these flows. First, most inflows to the mining sector are now

The Australian Financial System

7 Oct 2022 FSR – October 2022
Banks Net Stable Funding Ratios (NSFRs) – which measure the extent to which longer term liabilities are used to fund illiquid assets – comfortably meet regulatory requirements. ... Recently, NSFRs have decreased from high levels for some banks due to

Developments in Banks' Funding Costs and Lending Rates

16 Mar 2017 Bulletin – March 2017
Belinda Cheung
This article updates previous Reserve Bank research on the ways in which developments in the composition and pricing of banks' debt funding have affected their overall cost of funds and influenced lending rates. Major banks' outstanding funding

Macroprudential Policy Frameworks and Tools

15 Dec 2016 Bulletin – December 2016
David Orsmond and Fiona Price
Over the past decade, policymakers have increasingly used macroprudential tools to address a range of financial stability concerns. International institutions have identified and offered guidance on the components of an effective macroprudential

Developments in Banks' Funding Costs and Lending Rates

15 Mar 2018 Bulletin – March 2018
Tessa McKinnon
The NSFR requires banks to maintain a stable funding profile in relation to the composition of their assets and off-balance sheet activities. ... In their most recent profit reports, the major banks have reported that their NSFRs are above the

The Australian Financial System

25 Apr 2023 FSR - April 2023 PDF 1051KB

RBAFOI-222341 - documents for release

18 May 2023 PDF 2695KB
documents between 1 November 2022 and 14 March 2023 pertaining to concerns, and any possible extension of the Term Funding Facility(TFF) and/or documents pertaining to the concerns, and impact on the recipients of the TFF, inclusive of the mortgage

Trends in Australian Banks' Bond Issuance

14 Sep 2022 Bulletin - September 2022 PDF 1687KB

Box A: Recent International Bank Failures – Causes, Regulatory Responses and Implications

6 Apr 2023 FSR – April 2023
Box A: Recent International Bank Failures – Causes, Regulatory Responses and Implications | Financial Stability Review – April 2023

CCPs and Banks: Different Risks, Different Regulations

15 Dec 2015 Bulletin December Quarter 2015 PDF 159KB