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NSA – not seasonally adjusted

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2 May 2023
A glossary of terms used on the RBA website

Appendix A: Composition of Data Panels

31 Dec 2005 RDP 2005-07
Christian Gillitzer, Jonathan Kearns and Anthony Richards
ο. ο. Prices. CPI: all goods, nsa (s). 5. 1959:Q3–2004:Q4. ο. ... ο. ο. ο. ο. ο. CPI: food, nsa (c). 5. 1969:Q3–2004Q4.

Appendix A: Data Sources

31 Dec 2001 RDP 2001-04
Luci Ellis
Belgium. CPI excl food (nsa). BGCPNONFF. Canada. CPI excl food, energy & indirect taxes (nsa). ... CHI64…F. CHCPI…F. Euro. CPI excl food, energy, alcohol & tobacco (harmonised measure – nsa).

Appendix A: Data Panel

31 Dec 2007 RDP 2007-03
Christian Gillitzer and Jonathan Kearns
5. 48. ACCI-Westpac surveys:. Capacity utilisation, net balance, nsa. 1. 24. ... General business situation, next 6mths net balance, nsa. 1. 24. Output actual, change in past 3mths net balance, nsa.

Appendix 1: Data Definitions

1 Nov 1995 RDP 9510
Gordon de Brouwer and Neil R. Ericsson
Definition. The consumer price index. Units. 1989/90=100. (NSA). Source. Consumer Price Index, ABS Catalogue No. ... Units. 1989/90=100. (NSA). Source. Consumer Price Index, ABS Catalogue No. 6401.0, Table 7.

The Relationship between Financial Indicators and Economic Activity: Some Further Evidence

19 Nov 2012 RDP PDF 1506KB
THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FINANCIAL INDICATORS AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY: SOME FURTHER EVIDENCE. Glenn Stevens. and. Susan Thorp. Research Discussion Paper 8903. June 1989. Research Department Reserve Bank of Australia. We are grateful to Warwick McKibbin

The Australian Business Cycle: A Coincident Indicator Approach

25 Oct 2005 RDP PDF 1764KB
THE AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS CYCLE: A COINCIDENT INDICATOR APPROACH. Christian Gillitzer, Jonathan Kearns and Anthony Richards. Research Discussion Paper 2005-07. October 2005. Economic Group Reserve Bank of Australia. We thank Chris Caton, Tony Johnston,

Data Listing

1 Jun 1989 RDP 8903
Glenn Stevens and Susan Thorp
Product, NSA. 1984–85 prices. $million. Sep 88 Nat.Acc. Exports, NSA. currentprices. ... NSA. $million. AFI Lending. NSA. $million. Credit. NSA. $million. Sep-59. 2,681.


17 Mar 2013 PDF 1702KB
central bank bond purchases

Assessing the Mix-adjusted Median

31 Dec 2006 RDP 2006-04
Nalini Prasad and Anthony Richards
Mix-adjusted. Hedonic. Repeat-sales. Panel A: Correlation coefficients, quarterly changes. Sydney. Median (nsa). ... 1.00. Brisbane. Median (nsa). 1.00. Median (sa). 0.95. 1.00. Mix-adjusted median.
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