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NGB – Next Generation Banknote

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Review of the NGB Upgrade Program

17 Jun 2021 Bulletin – June 2021
Kate Hickie, Kathryn Miegel, Matthew Tsikrikas and Matthew Tsikrikas *
A key responsibility of the Reserve Bank is to maintain public confidence in Australia's banknotes as a secure method of payment and store of wealth.


27 Oct 2022 RBA Annual Report – October 2022
An increasing proportion of banknotes in circulation are those of the new NGB series. ... There have been very few detections of NGB counterfeits in circulation so far.


9 Jun 2023
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The Next Generation Banknote Project

20 Mar 2014 Bulletin – March 2014
Edward Kim and Terence Turton
A core function of the Reserve Bank is to maintain public confidence in the nation's banknotes so that they remain an effective means of payment and a secure store of wealth. This article discusses the Bank's counterfeit deterrence strategy and the


21 Oct 2021 RBA Annual Report – 2021
Research conducted for the Reserve Bank indicates that the NGB series has been well received by the Australian public. ... Counterfeiters continue to target first polymer series banknotes; there has been very little counterfeiting of the new NGB

Response to Questions from The Australian

27 Sep 2012 Media Releases
Response to Questions from The Australian about Next Generation Banknotes

Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2021

21 Oct 2021 Annual Report
In late 2020, the Bank concluded the decade-long Next Generation Banknote (NGB) program with the release of the new $100 banknote.


12 Sep 2014 RBA Annual Report – 2014
As a part of this commitment, in 2012 the Bank announced plans to upgrade the security features on Australia's banknotes as part of the NGB project. ... In 2013/14, the research program focused heavily on the development of the NGB series, conducting


9 Aug 2023 RBA Annual Report - 2022 PDF 721KB

Recent Trends in Banknote Counterfeiting

16 Jun 2022 Bulletin – June 2022
Leigh Mann and Siddarth Roche
Counterfeiting of Australian banknotes is approaching its lowest level in a decade.