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RBA Glossary definition for NFC

NFC – Near Field Communication

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Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services inquiry into Mobile payment and digital wallet…

26 May 2021 Submissions PDF 626KB
Another key technology that supports the use of NFC for mobile payments is tokenisation. ... German, Swiss and Dutch national authorities have also considered, or are considering, access issues related to NFC.

Bulletin December Quarter 2019

12 Dec 2019 Bulletin - December 2019 PDF 4709KB

Other Retail Payments Developments

12 Sep 2014 PSB Annual Report – 2014
Some banks have also introduced mobile phone applications that allow their customers to make contactless transactions from accounts linked to their payment cards, using near field communication (NFC) technology embedded in

Payments System Board Annual Report 2017

10 Feb 2020 PSB Annual Report 2017 PDF 3337KB

Issues for the Review | Review of Card Payments Regulation

9 Mar 2023
device capable of making contactless transactions via Near Field Communication (NFC) or a QR code.

The Way We Pay: Now and in the Future

4 Jun 2014 Speech
Anthony Richards
Speech by Tony Richards to the Australian Savings & Deposits Conference 2014, Sydney

Payments System Board Annual Report 2022

27 Sep 2022 PSB Annual Report - 2022 PDF 2830KB

Potential Gaps | Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System: Summary of Consultation – February 2012

9 Mar 2023
This also argues against public intervention. Nonetheless, there was general agreement that mobile payments in Australia are likely to be based predominantly on mobile internet or near-field communication (NFC – contactless) ... including, for instance,

Introduction | Dual-Network Cards and Mobile Wallet Technology – Consultation Paper – December 2016

10 Dec 2016 Consultations
NFC) or quick response (QR) code functionality of mobile devices to communicate with payment terminals.

Potential Gaps in the Payments System | Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System: Conclusions – June 2012

9 Mar 2023
The previous papers discussed different models of mobile payments, postulating that in Australia mobile internet and near-field communication (NFC) would be the main channels used for retail payments. ... While the industry has yet to coalesce around a