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NDRC – National Development and Reform Commission

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Bulletin September Quarter 2021

22 Aug 2022 Bulletin - September 2021 PDF 8022KB

Private Sector Financial Conditions in China

20 Sep 2020 Bulletin - September 2020 PDF 835KB

China's Labour Market: COVID-19 and Beyond

16 Sep 2021 Bulletin – September 2021
Jonathan Kemp and Morgan Spearritt
The Chinese labour market has recovered quickly following the sharp economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Macroeconomic Management in China

21 Jun 2013 Bulletin PDF 198KB
Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin June 2013

Macroeconomic Management in China

24 Jun 2013 Bulletin – June 2013
Dena Sadeghian, Graham White and Patrick D'Arcy
China's economy has expanded at a rapid pace over the past three decades, underpinned by a range of economic reforms. While many of these reforms have focused on the supply side of the economy, the authorities have employed a range of policies to

Bulletin June Quarter 2017

10 Feb 2020 Bulletin June Quarter 2017 PDF 6309KB

China's Evolving Demand for Commodities

28 Oct 2016 Conferences PDF 706KB
RBA Conference Volume 2016

Trends in China's Capital Account

21 Jun 2018 Bulletin – June 2018
Madeleine McCowage
Portfolio. Sources: Analyst reports, Cockerell and Shoory (2012), Hatzvi et al (2014), NDRC.

Trends In Chinas Capital Account

20 Aug 2018 Bulletin - June 2018 PDF 623KB

Developments in Thermal Coal Markets

17 Jun 2015 Bulletin June Quarter 2015 PDF 712KB